7 Ideas to Create a Green Smart Home

7 Ideas to Create a Green Smart Home

Turning your house into an Eco-friendly a smart home seems to be something out of our minds. I personally thought that it was impossible to put a smart home and environmentally friendly together in the same sentence.

When we think about the convenient ways of making our life easier, it’s difficult to imagine that all those appliances and technology available will help us to reduce carbon footprint as well.

To my surprise, it’s completely possible to imagine an Eco-friendlier smart house with simple changes such as minimising energy and water consumption. Here are some sustainable solutions to have true e-home.

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#1. Reduce Energy Use

This is probably the easiest and more common step. You will need to find ways of reducing energy consumption to make your home greener. My first option would be choosing a smart thermostat to be programmed according to your personal daily routine. It will help you to save energy when nobody is at home.

Another way to conserve more energy is by using smart solar batteries when using solar panels at home. This beauty helps not only to storage electricity to use another time, but also reduce the use of energy itself.

As reusable energy is a sector that is always facing changing, I would recommend visiting Douglas Healy for more information about its regulations and legislation.

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#2. Invest in Smart Lighting

We all expect to have a more comfortable house and sophisticated spaces when investing in home automation. Lighting is an essential part of this task.

But connecting our smartphones with devices that will switch lights on and off needs to be also precise and efficient. Led light bulbs are durable and last longer than conventional ones. They can also come in all shapes and designs.

#3. Use a Smart Toilet

I do confess this one would be my first investment. Smart toilets are designed not only to save water, but also to convert waste into fuel sometimes. It clears itself, eliminate odours and some of those units can even feature MP3 and Bluetooth systems.

As reducing water consumption is a crucial part of a more sustainable lifestyle, a smart toilet can be an expensive but totally worth it investment.

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#4. Indoor Beekeeping

I do confess I am afraid of bees. But I also know they are harmless and essential for our species to survive. And even though insects in general are a bit scary for me, I would love to keep a beehive in my garden or even indoors.

Beehives maintain pollinators and nowadays it’s possible to indoor beekeeping with the help of some wall frames specially designed for the task of keeping you and your beehive safe at home.

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#5. Smart Speakers

Here’s another winner. As you may have noticed, music is an essential part of my life. My husband and I usually prefer to enjoy our playlist in the evening instead of putting a TV on.

We end up spending money on Bluetooth speakers of all kinds to take everywhere else we go. But if the idea is reducing waste, it would be great to have an integrated smart speaker system into the ceiling that can play music and videos in the entire house.

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#6. Smart Irrigation

As it was said before, wasting water is a no option in the world that we live. If keeping your garden irrigated is one of your weekly tasks, try at least to do it with the help of a smart irrigation system controlled by a smartphone. This way you can control both time and quantity of water used in your garden watering.

#7. Smart Plugs

I do hate cable and I wish all my appliances were wireless or smart ones. Not the case yet. However, there is a simple solution in the market – the smart plugs. These little devices can reduce considerably the use of energy for non-smart systems at home.

They can be controlled via mobile apps that will integrate game consoles, speakers and other electronic devices that are used on a daily basis.

Now tell me in the comments, what are your Eco-friendly ideas to have in a smart home?

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