The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Checklist

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Camping Gear Checklist

You don’t need to be a camping expert to know that it’s important to choose the correct equipment and gear when going on a wilderness holiday.

Not to mention that there are also several facts to consider such as weather, local and distance of your campsite to make the right decision.

I honestly think that practicality, comfort, and safety come first in this case. It doesn’t matter if you fancy glamping, car camping, or just facing the elements in a tent. And of course, it would be also great if you can go for more sustainable camping too.

Luckily, there are plenty to choose from in the market. But if you are a beginner camper just like me, it’s time to check what are the essentials to bring in your next adventure outdoor.

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#1. Compact Tent

I can’t deny I have looked for different types of camping tents before even starting to think about camping. There are so many models in the market that will provide shelter and bedding. So, it’s necessary to go for something that fits your needs.

Are you camping with a partner or in a big family? I would choose a lightweight tent, a waterproof tent with compartments to fit our gear, and lamps to maximise space. Rain flies and lights are also extra handful of features.

Despite what people may think, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tent. Most of them are made of pretty similar material. You can choose the ones made of 100% cotton canvas. They will be durable.

Be smart! Get a roomy, waterproof, compact, weight-lighter, and double-skin tent to skip the cold tent. Don’t forget the extra super pigs.


#2. Travel Hammock and Camping chairs

Did you say comfort? It’s not only inside the tent that you have to feel cosy. Why not invest in comfortable gear to spend quality time outdoors when camping? Items such as a sturdy travel hammock for enjoying a siesta or a comfortable camp chair are some of the ideas in mind.

Opt for a travel hammock and hanging chair that is a fair trade and eco-friendly product.

No one wants to rely on sitting on a mud camping site after spending the day exploring the surroundings. Let’s relax in style! You can even think about bringing a hanging chair with a stand that is lighter, easy to move, and assemble.

Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

#3. Recyclable Bedding gear

Bedding gear is essential in your checklist because we need to have equipment that will protect you from the ground.

Besides, we deal with all the unpredictable weather changes when camping. A durable and warm sleeping pad made of recycled polyester, recyclable Bedding gear, sleeping bed, camping mattress, and pillow are some of the gear you will need to keep you warm inside your tent.

However, it’s important to remember to go for ultralight items if you are hiking. Otherwise, you will have to spend extra energy trying to carry all the extra heavy gear on your rucksack.

Photo by Kevin Schmid on Unsplash

#4. Eco-Cooking Gadget

Cooking is part of all fun when camping outdoors. Sometimes you just need a bonfire to do the trick. However, we can go a bit more tech and also rely on a compact stainless-steel grill.

If you want something more practical, there are already cookers for more natural cooking using biomass, twigs, and pine cones. They are durable, lighter, and ecologically friendly.

I guess it’s time to make a bit of effort and choose Eco-friendly products too. Compostable paper plates are great matches for campers. I would also add some foldable silicone bowls and plates, reusable bottles, and bamboo cutlery.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

#5. Portable Water Filter

Two essential things we need when camping – water and light. But instead of taking gallons of water bottle with you.

There is always a great chance of your campsite being next to a river or a lake. Have a portable water filter to make sure your water is drinkable. The most famous one in the market guarantees to remove 99.9% of bacteria. It’s an investment that is also reusable.

Photo by Lucie Hošová on Unsplash

#6.Solar Lanterns

Camping is all about enjoying the natural light and make the most of outdoor activities.

Pitch black nights in a campsite are excellent for stargazing too. But there are always those moments that we will need illumination to cook, read or enjoy our nights without setting the bonfire.  well.

So why not investing in solar lanterns that can keep recharged for more than 50 hours?



#7. Eco-Friendly Toiletries

Keep the campsite spotless. It’s not because you are outdoors that you need to make a mess of it leaving waste behind or trashing the environment. It’s our duty to maintain that outdoor space the way it was found before.

We tend to carry a lot of plastic bits and bobs when travelling. Plastic toothpaste, toothbrush, and bags. They can all be swapped for more sustainable products such as biodegradable plastic, bamboo toothpaste and kitchen roll, compostable bin liners, etc.

Don’t forget to bring all your recyclables back home with you! It’s only when we protect the environment that we will have the chance to use that outdoor space again!

*This is a collaborative post

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