Weekend Out | How to do London on a Budget

Weekend Out _ How to do London on a Budget

I still remember my first visit to London. It was some 20-odd years ago as part of my first trip abroad too. I was over the moon and worried at the same.First, I was completely overwhelmed by the size of Great Britain’s capital and I thought 10 days wouldn’t be enough to see everything I wanted. I was right about it.

Then, I realised London was pure fun. You had things to see and do on 24/07 and despite visiting it in a cold January, I was prepared to make the most of it. Nowadays I still can’t have enough of this magic city and I keep coming back for more.

On the other hand,  I also noticed it’s an expensive, crowded and frenetic city, and if you don’t plan your trip right, it’s likely to end up spending a fortune there.

So here are my tips to don’t break the bank on your visit to London.

Photo by Joseph Balzano on Unsplash

#1. Get Around on a Budget

Think in advance! It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the city by plane, bus or train, it’s highly recommended to find the best transport deals before hitting the capital.

Most of top attractions in London can always be checked in just a couple of days. But if you don’t have any time to spare, the city has a lot of good deals on transportation too. Make the most of it.

You probably heard about the famous Oyster Travel-card before. It’s worth it when moving around by tube because it’s cheaper than buying individual tickets. Plus, it works as an investment if you visit the city frequently.

Travelling by train can save you time and money as well. Plus, getting online to find useful deals such as the best trains going to London Bridge is not rocket science, right?

London May-June 2007 (35)

#2. It’s a Walkable City

I don’t need to tell you, but the truth is London is jam-packed every single day of the year. No joking. So, let’s cut the chase. You can use the tube or hop on a famous double-Decker bus once or twice.

But did you know that you can make to most of the famous attractions on foot? If you have time and want to save some cash, have a stroll along the Thames checking the Big Ben, House of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, and many other popular attractions in just one go.

Some of the best walks in London can be done in a single day. Pick your favourite route and don’t forget to download your favourite map apps to get extra help!

London May 2016 (43)

#3. Stay Central

I know. This is a controversial one. Accommodation in London is a quite expensive bid deal. Some people would prefer to pay less to stay out of zones 1 and 2 of London underground.

I particularly tried all types of accommodation in London and I can guarantee you that it’s fairly easy to find affordable places to stay next to the most famous attractions even in the summer. And I am not talking about hostels only. Research (way) in advance to get the best deals in accommodation in Central London.

As it was said before here, London is a quite walkable city. Sometimes it’s better to stay central and make the most of it on foot. Plus, exploring London on foot will give you the chance to have the best views of the city even when the weather doesn’t help. And you can make the most of famous pubs, bars, and restaurants in the area if you fancy a cocktail or two.

Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

#4. Have a Full English

We all know that eating well is not a problem in cities like London. The options are countless, but if you want to save money on food, I recommend you have a complete indulgence on the best of British grabs.

The truth is that a full English breakfast can be as much as affordable a sandwich from a local shop near your accommodation.

Besides, you can’t miss the chance of trying the famous fish & chips by the Thames, eating a full English breakfast in a pub.

Or what about grabbing some street food in the Borough Market or Portobello Road Market to have a picnic in Hyde Park?

#5.London For Free

Talking about parks. London is the city of green spaces. Some more famous than others. But you can’t go back home without having a walk along with at least one of them. And guess what? It’s free too.

Let’s be honest. You will need a lifetime to check this city properly. I’ve lived here nearly 10 years now and haven’t seen a fraction of it yet – Probably never will!

But did you know that the British Museum is free-admission? Not only this one but also the National Gallery, Tate Modern, among others are also free.

My best advice, in this case, is looking for free attractions in London. There is much more to be explored in Great Britain’s capital without spending a single penny than you can imagine.

*This is a collaborative post. 

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