Green Hotels | 6 Ways of making your accommodation more Sustainable

Green Hotels _ 6 Ways of making your accommodation more Sustainable

I guess everybody has noticed that it’s going to take a while for us to start planning or holidays again. However, these uncertain times also are reminding us how important will be now changing our ways of travelling.

We will have to find ways of making our trips more meaningful and prevent possible impacts on the natural environment. There is no escape!

According to the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability, tourism itself is responsible for 5% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. These numbers tend to increase by 2050 if we don’t start acting now.

On the other hand, it’s also known that 2019 was the year of green hotels with travellers putting pressure on the travel industry when it concerns to Eco-friendlier places to stay too.

More sustainable hospitality is a key fact in mitigating the negative impact of travelling to the environment. So why not start making your accommodation more sustainable for the following years?

Most of the Eco-friendly accommodations have invested in equipment and measures that can reduce carbon footprint considerably. Here are some other best practices in green hotels around the world.

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#1. Use Upcycled Materials

Recycling materials are part of the strategy to have a more sustainable lifestyle. When it comes to the hospitality industry, it looks priority. How many times you have stayed in a hotel room equipped with plastic cups and not disposable toiletries amenities?

There is waste everywhere. Not to mention that minibars are pointless when we know that most guests will avoid consuming them.

Fortunately, there are some more ecological ways of treating guesses. What about make toiletries request only items? Or work with ecological brands that offer 100% natural products a plastic-free item?

You can also innovate in using upcycled material in the interior décor as well.

#2. Avoid Food Waste

I have stayed in hotels with massive buffets when food options are endless. We don’t need it, do we? So why not offer quality and a more sustainable fixed menu that can be avoiding waste food and make guests happy with their choice of meals?

The green hotels can also donate waste food to local communities and staff. Nothing needs to go to your bin! Using locally sourced food is also one of the most effective measures, by the way.

Real plates and cutlery are also welcome. And don’t forget that plastic straws are always a no-no!

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#3. Water Use

Together with the plastic-free policies, water use is one main topic when considering an Eco-friendly hotel. In some popular travel destinations, it’s pretty common to use rainwater catchment systems.

Rainwater harvesting can reduce mains water consumption by up to 30% whereas greywater recycling can save as much as 40%.

We do need to conserve water as much as possible. Establishing an effective water management plan in hotels can reduce consumption and provide a reduction in costs as well.

#4. Recycling and Compost bins

That’s a simple touch that can make a lot of difference when staying in a green hotel. When we encourage our guests to join a more sustainable lifestyle, we are also taking your greener alternatives to another level.

Feel free to explain them the practices with friendly notes on the TV screen. I am sure it will make a good impact on their stay.

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#5. Eco-friendly Treats

I know the best hospitality practices means treating your guest with the best you can do. But it also doesn’t mean you need to spoil them with a lot of disposable bits & bobs.

Offer them a reusable bag for laundry or motivate them to use green transportation around. Provide walking maps and rentable bikes, for example. The simple practices are more effective than you can imagine.

#6. Use Effective Light Bulbs

To start with, 75% of European hotels already use efficient energy. With simple measures like monitoring your energy consumption can save you money and provide a more sustainable hospitality alternative. Motion detectors and times are still some of the best practices.

Equip your rooms with green technologies that will make it easier to guest as well.

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