Most Creative Invitation Card Ideas

Most Creative Invitation Card Ideas

2020 has been a challenging year for every single one of us, right? We can’t be together with all the beloved ones, but it doesn’t mean we need to be far away.

And when it comes to birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions, we do miss people’s contact. It’s a fact. We do want to celebrate and make those special moments unforgettable. But we can’t be around.

Most of us are probably finding different ways of spending our time at home wisely. And we are luckily achieving it!

Another day, one of my dearest friends in Brazil celebrated her daughter’s first birthday via a video conference with family and friends.

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It was a pretty intimate virtual party to warm up our hearts and make the confinement easier. We do have live yoga and meditation sessions and even music performances online now. The proof that life may go on!

So why not use your creativity to make any kind of occasion and event more special? We still can celebrate everything without unnecessary gatherings. Of course, it’s possible!

Nowadays, a creative invitation card not only makes life easier, but it can also impress the guests with their unique designs and quality. And it doesn’t need to be all about DIY.

Thinking about it, I have selected the most creative invitation ideas for the ones that don’t skip important events and still want to celebrate in the comfort of their homes.

Plus, invitation cards are Eco-friendly, practical, and stylist.

You can print the samples of your invitation cards before purchasing them and choose colourful envelopes to match with your chosen design. Just Brilliant, isn’t it?


#1. Senior Announcement Cards

This may be the year of your retirement. It’s a special occasion that will mark a new era in your life. Of course, it needs to be remembered in great style.

And it would be great to enjoy a leaving party at the pub. I know. But we still can make it special, right? So why not send senior announcement cards that will mark this special moment with a bit of twist?

You can choose different colour combinations, and quality of papers to build an outstanding retirement card to show your appreciation for your colleague’s hard work.


#2. College Graduation Party Invitations

College graduation is probably one of the most important events in our lifetime. It’s also the end of a long journey. Loads of students will be taking its path soon, but it doesn’t mean you need to postpone the celebrations.

Yep, you still can announce your graduation in style as well! And a virtual graduation party will need a special college graduation party invitation.

It doesn’t matter if the event will take place in your living room. We still can make the most of it, showcasing greatness to keep these memories and achievements alive!


#3 Thank You Notes

It’s always welcome to have people supporting our special occasions and achievements. It doesn’t matter if it’s your graduation, marriage, or a recent job promotion. It can be also just a nice touch to show appreciation for that friend that just helped you around once.

A thank you note card is a nice touch that should be sent to any of your friends and family at a quite special moment in their lives.

You can fully customise them with messages, special designs, photos, and patterns. Be creative and show off your ideas.

These are the most interesting and creative ways of sending invitation cards. I am sure you can treat a special friend or family member out there now. Just make them feel special today!

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