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Smartphone apps have become an essential part of travelling. There are many useful, convenient, and free apps that make planning a vacation a breeze.

Don’t let the cost of an unforgettable vacation stop you from travelling the world. These apps can also save you money so that you can spend instead on incredible adventures and the perfect souvenirs.

Here are our favourite apps to save on travel prep –

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Airline Flight Tickets

Airline tickets are usually the most expensive part of travel. If you want to go to a faraway destination, then it’s time to start saving up for a big ticket purchase. Thankfully, there are helpful apps that will give you great discounts on your airline tickets.

Comparison Sites

Find great flight deals on comparison sites like Expedia, Kayak, or Skyscanner. These sites offer discounted rates that will save you money over buying tickets directly from the airlines themselves.

Typically, these sites have similar rates for flights but sometimes one site will have a better rate. So it’s a good idea to compare the offers from these sites and find the best deal.


Have you ever wondered the best time to buy an airline ticket? Will the tickets increase in price the longer you wait? Well, Hopper has cracked the algorithm and provides the answer. They look at historical price averages and can pretty accurately predict if and when the price will rise and by how much.

Their app will show the cheapest days to buy tickets in green and the most expensive days to buy in red. You can “watch a flight” in the app so that it sends you an alert when the price changes. Now you will never overpay for a flight ticket.

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Once you bought your flight tickets, now you need to consider how you will arrive at the airport. Will you drive your own car, use a rideshare, or take public transportation? Compare the options to find the most economical and convenient option for your trip.


If you plan to drive your car to the airport, then you should book your airport parking in advance to get the best deal. There are plenty of off-site parking lots surrounding the airports that offer cheap, reliable, and secure long term parking.

You can compare these off-site parking options and then book the best deal easily with ParkFellows. Read customer reviews, see real photos of the parking lot, and check the security measures of the facilities.

Rideshare Apps

If you live within a 10-30-minute drive of the airport, then taking a rideshare is an easy way to be dropped off at the airport. Uber and Lyft are the common rideshare apps and they are free to download.

Some airports discourage the use of rideshare apps by imposing premium rates for airport drop-off and pick-up, in order to encourage the use of taxis. Check the rates on the rideshare app before you make your decision.


Rome2rio is a free app that lets you compare various modes of transportation. This is a great app to have not only for getting to and from the airport, but also for transportation around your vacation destination.

Compare the travel times and rates of trains, buses, and ferries to make an informed decision about the best mode of transportation.

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Looking to save money on travel accommodations? Then check out hostels or couchsurfing for the biggest savings.


The Hostelworld app is great for finding comfortable hostels and private rooms for travellers on a budget. You can filter based on the type of room, your budget, preferred amenities and cleanliness level, and so much more.

Read the reviews so that you know exactly what to expect. Looking for a party hostel? Or maybe a hostel with lots of community activities? You can find it all on the app.


Couchsurfing is for true budget travellers. The Couchsurfing app lets you find a comfy couch to crash on for free all over the world. If you don’t want to do couchsurfing, the app is still really useful for its Couchsurfing Hangouts feature.

Locals and fellow couchsurfers can create events and meetups so you can find fun people to hang out with on your trip. They can introduce you to cool, off-the-beaten-path places to hang out that are likely to be easy on the budget.

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Planning the Details

Now that you have the big stuff out of the way, it’s time to start planning the fun details of your trip!


This app is like a virtual guide for your vacation. Simply input your destination, interests, and budget and it will give you options for booking restaurants, tours, activities, and experiences.

It also has city maps, guides, and walking routes so you won’t miss any of the special monuments, landmarks, or attractions.


If you are taking a road trip, then this is the app that you must download. Roadtrippers plans your driving route for you including hotels, activities, roadside attractions, restaurants, and landmarks.

This app does it all. Input your travel details and it will come up with a stellar itinerary. There is a paid version of the app that also lets you download offline maps and includes live traffic info.


Packing a carry-on suitcase is an easy way to save money on travel, but it can be so difficult to fit everything in it! This is where PackPoint comes in handy.

This app will tell you exactly what you should pack so you are completely prepared. Just enter the city you are visiting and your travel details.

It will gather the best packing checklist based on the weather, how long you’ll be there, and the activities you are doing. It takes all the anxiety out of packing.

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