My COVID-19 Lockdown Silver Linings

My COVID-19 Lockdown Silver Linings (1)

Alright, bab! This is one of those posts that I think about writing, but I also admit needing a bit of push to let the thoughts flow. So I am glad that I was tagged by Eva from Captain Bobcat to talk about my COVID-19 lockdown silver linings.

I can’t believe it’s already one month since the lockdown has started in the UK.

To be honest, I didn’t see the time passing by. It’s probably due o the fact I work from home since 2017 and being stuck at home is no news for me.

On the other hands, having family abroad and a key-worker husband put me into a massive alert when dealing with all the shenanigans that a lockdown can bring to all of us.

I honestly think the most difficult part so far was being far from my parents. They needed support from my brother and me to go through it all as smoothly as possible – If I can put like this.

Simple things like sorting out online banking, delivery shopping and provide loads of entertaining can be a quite difficult task. Hopefully, we will get there with no major bumps.

Not surprisingly, my Lockdown silver linings are mostly about mindfulness and the way we relate to the lockdown itself without freaking out. funny enough, I am publishing this on my birthday. I see it as a gift!

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

Focus on Meditation and Mindfulness

I don’t need to remind that it’s scientifically proven the health benefits of meditation. But the truth is that meditation has taken me to another path during the lockdown. I always look for different ways to discipline my body and mind. But I can honestly say that I never thought that meditation would be my favourite exercise.

I am practising meditation at least 5 days a week together with my mom ( via video calls, of course) and we can all see the benefits of it.

I am not only controlling the levels of anxiety but also improving our breathing techniques. Meditation is powerful and essential and one of the easiest ways to boost you’re your health while under quarantine.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Enjoy the Silence

I’m an introvert. And as you may know, an introvert has no problem with dealing with their own company. I always loved my own company. During this quarantine, it didn’t change at all.

While my husband is working, my pet cat and I try to make the most of quiet afternoons. I usually focus on reading a book or studying Japanese.

It’s not easy sometimes when I spend a lot of my time online with my parents too. However, I always find a time of the day to close my eyes for a second and be grateful for another day and enjoy my silence.

I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you live in a house with four pets and a big family. Shower time can be your perfect shelter for practising it.

Plus, the quietness outside has helped the planet to breathe better. There is a dramatic drop in pollution during the quarantine. Let’s celebrate the quietness.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Embrace Positiveness

Bare with me. I am not happy all the time. Oh, fuck no. And I always thought people that are too positive about everything quite annoying. But in the middle of a pandemic we can find the best and the worst in people, right?

So, why not focusing on the positive news about it all?

It’s quite impossible to know the exact numbers – but there are shedloads of people being recovered of COVID-19 out there. It’s enough reason to celebrate. Our doctors and nurses and every keyworker, in general, are doing their bits to help us all going through this crisis.

And just in case you’re not from the UK – google Captain Tom Moore now to find out more about his achievement. A true legend and inspiration in uncertain times. Heroes don’t fly. They walk!

Family Bonding

I always had a great relationship with my family. No complaints on it. We like to do things together and I praise every moment I have to stay with them – it doesn’t matter the distance.

But I have found new ways during the lockdown to spend quality time with my parents and my brother’s family now as well. We have to be creative enough to share our “not normal” daily routine these days. It’s true.

However, it’s quite amusing to see how simple task link drinking coffee “together” or sorting out music sessions on a video conference can be effective. I guess it helps to overcome difficult times too. It’s not every day you are in your best mood.

Together we are better! And we are taking this to another level during the lockdown.

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