Awesome Gift Ideas For Tech Lover That Will Blow His Mind

Awesome Gift Ideas For Tech Lover That Will Blow His Mind

Do you have someone dear who is completely crazy about technology and tech toys? Yes? Then you came to the right place! We will present to you Awesome Gift Ideas for tech nerdy. Fitness wearables are increasingly popular nowadays, and I just can’t wait to have a new Fitbit Charge 4 from Mobile Mob soon.

So, what about people interested in technology? How to make them happy?

Top gift ideas for technology lovers

Gaming keyboard

A fantastic gift for tech people is the gaming keyboard. They can be found at extremely low prices and with fun accessories such as LED lighting that can also change color. It is a necessary addition for game lovers.

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Gaming mouse

You can gift it on its own even though it is the perfect addition to the gaming keyboard, especially if it glows in colours.

A gaming mouse is specially anatomically shaped to fit the hand as best as possible and to facilitate movement for the person playing. Such a mouse also has more buttons than a classic mouse and generally offers many more options that are needed by all serious gamers.

External Hard Drive

It is the best gift that won’t cost you too much, which everyone has to own. As much as the hard drive in the computer has space, a person who loves technology will fill it up.

That’s what I’m telling you from experience, which is why an external hard drive is a great and useful gift. USB also belongs to the same category. As small as it may seem to you as a bad gift, it is not. Those who love computers will appreciate USB and can never have too many.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Console Games

If you have a gamer or gamer in the family, you can’t go wrong with a console game. It is a gift that will delight anyone who enjoys playing, and if you know the person who owns any of the game consoles with the game, you will not go wrong. Just check out what the person likes and what he/she needs in the collection.

Cell phone mask

Or maybe for a tablet! They come in all colours and shapes and are available for all models on the market.

You can buy genuine cellphone protection from the manufacturer and pay a little more. Every step of the way, there are fun cell phone masks that will cheer anyone who likes to keep their phone safe from crashes and bumps and beautify it a bit.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Selfie stick

Selfie sticks are cheap, affordable, and a favourite among anyone who loves to travel or is just a fan of social networking and selfie placement. You can’t go wrong with it, and the person who gets it will surely be happy. The best thing about a selfie stick is that it is lightweight and telescopic, which makes it easy to carry and travel.

Fitbit Flex

A wireless bracelet that is a real little computer because it keeps track of all your activities – how much you sleep, how much calories you burn, and movement. It records everything and sends information to the cellphone. The Fitbit Flex bracelet comes in a variety of colours and is the perfect gift for anyone who likes fitness.

Smartphone gloves

It is quite clear that ordinary gloves are not compatible with modern cell phones as the screen does not respond to them. Smart gloves are a different thing, and anyone who gets them can enjoy warm fingers on their phone even when it is cold outside. Prices vary, but these gloves can be found very cheap.

Samsung Charm Bracelet

An ideal gift if you are a woman who likes to track burned calories, and who would also like to know when a message and a call comes in. This bracelet has LED lights that let you know everything you need to know, including social network notifications. Samsung Charm is more jewellery than a smart bracelet, it comes in various colours, and the battery lasts about two weeks on a single charge.

The decision

Before you go shopping for a gift, make sure you know the taste of the person. As hard as it is for someone who loves, for example, perfumes, to hit the right scent, it is also tricky to buy a proper gift for people who like technology.

The beauty of buying tech gifts is that the happiness factor doesn’t depend on the price. Whatever you choose, everything is useful and usable.

Awesome Gift Ideas for gamer and tech nerdy are here to help you decide what the best gifts for your loved ones are. You can choose between a gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, mouse, extra chargers, or wireless chargers – whatever comes to mind, your tech friends and family will be thrilled, and you will be the star.

This is a Guest Post – Tims Fox is a writer and co-founder of He enjoys writing about gift ideas and tech stuff. If he is not writing, he spends his time exploring the world.

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