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I still remember my college times always trying to keep up with all weekly assessments. Despite the Internet already being around in 2001, we were still getting used to new technologies. The struggle was real, and I wish I had more access to online resources back at that time.

The things have changed since then, and students from all over the world can count on several online platforms now to spread resources and information quicker and in a more effective way.

The sources are infinitive. That’s the case of Oneclass – an online platform where students can submit their notes in exchange for credits that can be used to download other student’s notes.

This way, students from top universities and colleges can help each other in a quite straight forward way.

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How does it work?

It works based on a credit system. The network accepts documents uploaded that are 100% created by students.

These documents can be from lecture notes to study guides. After your notes are uploaded, you are granted with 25 credits that can be used to unlock other study material from the website.

Besides, these credits can also be granted to you by referring to friends and classmates.

There are three ways of subscribing OneClass to have unlimited access to over 1.5 million documents in its virtual library plus access to homework help platform with a database

It’s important to remember any copyrighted materials created by professors or instructors such as exams, tests, published articles, etc are not accepted at the platform of over 3 million verified solutions to questions that students may be struggling to find on google.

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Live stream Tutoring Taken to Another Level

Online tutoring has become something quite common among students globally. It has become more popular than ever; especially now that most of us are getting used to the idea of working and studying from home and we have no idea when things will be back to normal. There are so many tips on how to study at home during the lockdown. Students a not alone!

Thinking about that, OneClass is offering thousands of free live stream tutoring sessions every day to help students to learn during the quarantine. From maths teachers to university professors, the sessions are held seven days a week across the network.

It’s a unique opportunity for students across the globe to improve their knowledge in several subjects in the comfort of their homes. If you like OneClass please talk about their free tutoring program with Janine the Tutor and live streaming!

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What is the advantage of joining OneClass?

At the moment, we are all stuck at home looking for a way of keeping our mind busy and carry on with our “normal” life.

For thousands of students out there, going back to their academic life as soon as possible means focusing on their career and professional goals.

That’s the reason that it’s important to carry on learning online. Besides, this is a quite good way for students to make money while studying from home as well.

After all, college and academy students are always finding a different way of saving money and it seems that the ed-tech sector is working in their favour.

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