Finding a Skirt You Love

Finding a Skirt You Love

It is important to almost have a love affair with the clothes you buy. When you buy clothes with one specific occasion in mind, you may not actually like those clothes at all. That is a poor investment.

Especially when it comes to skirts, you need to find a skirt you truly love. That way you will be more likely to wear it all the time. With that in mind, here are some tips.

Shop Ahead for a Skirt You’ll Love

Finding a skirt you love can take some time. You should never go to a store to skirt shop when you feel like you have a ticking timer to contend with.

That is one of the main reasons shopping for an occasion is a bad idea. The other reason is a skirt appropriate for a single occasion is not always going to be right for more occasions later on.

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Think About the Skirt Material You Want

Material should be one of your first concerns when skirt shopping. Some materials are simply stronger than others. Some are also easier to clean or have other favourable characteristics.

By knowing that when you shop, you can immediately identify skirts you may like and separate them from those that are not for you. For example, denim is a very popular fabric. A denim skirt is easily cleaned. It is also comfortable.

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Choose a Skirt by Height You Want to Project

The type of fabric is only one characteristic of a skirt. Length is also important. You can find denim skirts and skirts in most other fabric types that span many different lengths. They range from ball gown lengths to miniskirts.

So, which one do you choose? One of the easiest answers is to consider not the height you are, but the height you want to project.

Although not always true, a long skirt can often make you look shorter than you are. Similarly, a short skirt can make you look taller.

Depending on the top you pair with your skirt, the effect might alter how your total height looks or just how long your legs look. If you already are short or have short legs, a short skirt is an ideal choice for you.

The opposite is true if your legs are long or you are tall. However, as long as you intend to wear footwear to counteract the effects of skirt length, you can purchase any skirt length you want.

Your Skirt Needs to Compliment Your Figure

Choosing a skirt to compliment your figure or general build is also vital. The length and shape of the skirt can all affect how it drapes on your body. For example, a pencil skirt will draw attention to your hips.

Meanwhile, a skirt with a sash or any waist embellishment will draw the eyes of those who see it to your waist or upper body. A short skirt or one with a slit up the side is more likely to highlight your legs positively.

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Consider the Colour or Pattern of Your Skirt

When choosing a skirt, colours and patterns are definitely important. They can affect your use of the skirt in several ways. For example, you have to pick a colour you like so you will want to wear it.

You should also avoid large or busy patterns because they could cause you to look shapeless, as well as shorter than you are.

Another reason to choose a skirt colour wisely is if you want to either stand out or blend in or if you want a skirt with a good base color to go with everything else in your wardrobe.

Buy it Wisely and You Can Wear it Always

As you can see, careful skirt selection can go a long way. Choosing a skirt of an appropriate length and style can give you an item in your wardrobe that you can rely on all the time. That means taking a little time now to choose a skirt you’ll love will save you time later. It will also save you money.

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