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All cat parents out there will agree with me – our feline friends are always right. We understand their need for more furniture to be scratched as well. But if you want to please them in a different way, why not getting him an ultimate treat this month?

Catipilla designs and makes luxury cat furniture for happy cats and stylish homes; their products create new spaces for cats to do what comes naturally; to roam, climb and explore, whilst looking great and saving space in your home.


They designed a perfect module to save those items in the home that are particularly vulnerable to cat’s claws. This Scratcher also provides your cat with the necessary tool to tone muscles, alleviate stress and keep those claws in pristine condition.

Using the finest South American sisal rope, this scratcher is high-quality, easy to install, and can be rotated or replaced after becoming worn. We offer 5 different versions for cats of all shapes and sizes (50cm, 60cm, 75cm or 130cm or how about our new 35cm scratcher designed especially for kittens).


Giveaway Time!

Now it’s your chance to win this Win a Scratcher by Catipilla! All you need to do is joining the Gleam competition above. Good Luck!

Win a Luxury Scratcher by Catipilla

Terms and Conditions

  • The closing date is June 3rd.
  • There is one (1) prize. The winner will take the products as described above. No cash alternative!
  • Follow the rules to win the prize.
  • This competition is open to residents of the UK only
  • All entries will be verified.
  • The winners will be chosen at random using the widget
  • The winners will be notified and contacted by me once the giveaway is finished.
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23 thoughts

  1. My 2 love a good scratch on the side of the sofa! They do have a cat tree but the luxury scratcher looks great

  2. Just what I need to help they cats and protect my furniture!

  3. My cats love their scratching post – it’s on its third recovering with carpet offcuts and far from stylish!

  4. Unfortunately our cat’s favourite scratcher is the end of our bed, despite having a scratching post in the bedroom and others throughout the house. Fortunately its old so will be replaced soon.

  5. I got my cats an extra large cat tree as I have a bengal and he is tall and likes to full on stretch which is great for him but he isnt keen on letting the other cats use it so we currently have 2 smaller cardboard scratchers as well for the 3 girls

  6. my cat love to scratch eerythhing, legs, arms chairs and the sofa anything ut his cat tree

  7. The arms/legs of sofa or the corner of the bed

  8. One of my cats loves using her cat scratch tree, which is looking rather dilapitated from lots of use. Her sister however prefers to use the back of the sofa which is really annoying. I’m hoping a posh new scratcher may tempt her to stop using the furniture.

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