The Ultimate Checklist for a Perfect Road Trip

The Ultimate Checklist for a Perfect Road Trip

Is it just me, or are you all also planning imaginary travel journeys during this lockdown? I keep planning trips to several places that I know I may not be able to visit so soon.

But it’s okay, we will be able to travel again soon. Maybe considering different ways of travelling, but we will be back on the road!

I’m going for nearly 10 weeks of isolation now. There was holiday cancelled, no concrete plans of travelling anywhere, plenty of ups and downs and mood swings. Welcome to 2020. Yay!

The truth is that with the summer arriving soon to the UK, I can’t stop thinking about how great it would be joining a road trip through the country. Maybe reaching the Highlands, some stunning Ireland villages or going down South to some favourite spots in Cornwall.

I’m not going anywhere for this summer, but at least I can let my imagination flows and start planning the road trip of dreams shortly.  Here’s my ultimate checklist for a perfect journey on the roads.


1#- The Wheels

Choosing the best vehicle for your adventure on the road should be part of the fun. We usually use our car for long trips in the UK. And I would also opt for train journeys if it wasn’t so expensive using the railway system in this country.

But if you’re going abroad, it’s always recommended to check rental services in advance. I have noticed it’s quite affordable to rent a car in some countries. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for limo service or a 4×4.

I was checked to know that it’s quite affordable to rent cars in Romania.

Another dream to become true someday? Travelling by motorhome across the UK, Ireland and even going overseas. Yep. That must be done. But I’m not talking about a classic trip to a caravan park.

I’m talking about choosing a vehicle that would fulfil your expectations in long journeys. And it means that comfortability and space are at the top of the list. I dream about a well-equipped kitchen facility, spacious toilet and a nice sleeping area. Is it asking too much? Is it even affordable? Always look for reliable and reputable hire companies such as Freedhome Motorhomes before booking anything.

Together with the best wheels is also important to check all car’s paperwork and documents that are essential to be carried with you. And if you are driving your own car, book a service at Sandown Mercedes just to guarantee your safety before starting your road trips. malte-wingen-PDX_a_82obo-unsplash

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

#2- Entertainment

I don’t know about you, but travelling without fun is not an option for me. The first thing I would add to this list is music. We had all kinds of music sources when travelling by car.

From Bluetooth speakers to old mixtape Cds especially prepared for the journey. Board games are also an essential adding if you’re stopping in between.

I’m not OTT when it comes to best board games for travel lovers, however, I always have Scrabble, Jenga and/or dominoes with me – just in case you need to relax a little bit after hours of driving.

Books, crosswords and Wordsearch puzzles are also highly recommended.

Photo by Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash

#3 – Travel Gadgets

Some people don’t go anywhere without GPS. However, my husband is fascinated by maps, so we can easily remember the entire journey just for browsing the google maps for a while. I am not even joking. But we also rely on paper maps and apps when travelling because sometimes, you know, our memory fails.

I also carry my notebook and tablet on my travels. It’s not only my work tool but also an important entertainment item. Don’t forget your Netflix password!

Phone charges and cameras and all USB cables that we all need are on the top of my list as well. These are lifesavers.

Photo by Ola Mishchenko on Unsplash

#4- Food

Are you that type that stops in road services for a quick bite? I’m not. We usually use road service for a quick popping to the loo or a coffee fixing.

The last time I had some snacks from a shop on the motorway, it cost us the equivalent of eating in a Michelin starred restaurant. It’s expensive and let’s be honest, food is boring there.

Be prepared like moi and prepare your snacks when travelling. I like having a mix of nuts, fruits like banana and apple are all welcome, and my homemade brie and caramelised onion sandwich is always a winner

*This is a collaborative post.

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