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I recently watched some videos on the Japanese methods of moving out. I know. This is what I do during the quarantine. I was gobsmacked to see how precise and efficient those services are. We barely do anything. Just sit and watch their work.

There was no stress, no panic, no broken furniture (at least it was not filmed), or missing items. The only question I had on my mind was – How do they do that?

In times like this when we do need to be extra careful, moving out without stressing and safely can be quite tricky.

Starting a new life at a new home should be stress-free to everyone. However, I have never experienced smooth moving outs. And it is probably due to the fact, I never plan it properly. So, here are some tips that I will start following when I have a new home.

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#1 – Moving Checklist

I’m a big fan of checklists, anyway. So, this one is more a normal procedure for me. The truth is this is the easiest way of organising your moving.

You can prepare lists from each room. This way you keep track of furniture, clothes, and bit and bobs that we all have at home. It’s also the greatest way of avoiding stress when something is missing or forgot behind. If you can, try to take some pictures of your things before and after to help you out packing and unpacking things.

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#2- Hire Professionals

I know it is no surprise. But getting professional removal companies to be in charge of your moving is still the best way of keeping it smooth and effective. Our last moving was made by my husband and his friend. I couldn’t help out because I didn’t have any time off work.

They did a great job, don’t get me wrong. But it was hard for them to do it by themselves and it ended up taking more time to be done. Hiring a professional is still the safest way of doing it.

Movers at are trained professionally to make your move much smoother and stress-free. They will guide you through your entire packing and moving process by sharing hacks to pack your stuff in an organised way.

There are plenty of reliable removal companies everywhere in the UK. If you live in the capital of Scotland, choose EH1 Removals Edinburgh to take the strain of moving day off your shoulders in the most professional way.

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#3 – Relax and DIY!

If you can’t count on friends to help you on the big day, the best thing to do is facing the task by yourself. It may be a bit tricky in the beginning, but it’s better to keep it stress-free. I do recommend doing it at your own pace.

A good night of sleep is essential to start it fresh and recharge the batteries to make it done as quick as possible.

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#4 – Unclutter          

A cluttered home is a nightmare in any situation, and we don’t need Marie Kondo to remind us of it. But when we start planning moving houses, clutter can become huge problems.

The best thing to do is unclutter rooms to get rid of anything that won’t be useful in your new residence. Start this process weeks before the planned date of moving. This way, you will also be able to donate unwanted items and furniture. Help in out other people too.

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*This is a collaborative post. 

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