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Cats are amazing creatures! They’re supposed to be independent animals that don’t fancy any kind of changes in their routines and prefer boxes instead of what is inside it.

It doesn’t matter what you give to them, the boxes are always way more interesting. Who understands it? Well, pet parents understand their cats in general. We get used quite quickly with the perks and wonders of raising them.

Dougal is a typical feline – cheeky and fussy! He is also an ex-feral cat that before being adopted by us in 2016, didn’t have too much contact with anyone.

To be honest, he didn’t like to be around anyone and that was fine to us. It was quite difficult to grab his attention in the beginning.

And we were told that it would be even more difficult to be able to stroke him someday.


But we faced the challenge and we never gave up of him. Now, nearly four years since he moved to us, Dougal not only trust us but also became a confident cat that likes being stroked and even enjoys cuddles in his belly now and then. I know! It’s amazing.

As an indoor cat, he is doing quite well. He loves the windowsills and spaces that he can hide or jump around.

But one thing we couldn’t win – Dougal is quite keen on scratching my furniture. He has loads of scratch posts at home. But he still prefers my sofa and armchairs, of course. Typical feline, remember?

The fact is that scratch posts are pretty good tools to sharpen the cat’s claws. It keeps them entertained and healthier too. We always spoil him with some of those new toys.

This time, Dougal was treated with a lovely wall-mounted scratcher by Catipilla. The model is perfect to help felines toning their muscles, it alleviates stress and keeps their claws sharp too.


What is Catipilla?

Catipilla is a company that understand the needs of felines out there. They design a high-quality range of products that are helping cats to lead healthier and happier lives.

I’m with them. Cats should explore, climb, and do more of what they like to do, naturally.

Catipilla was founded by Andy and Joseph Sutton, a father-son duo who wanted to improve the quality of life of their elderly family cat, Smudge, who lost the strength in her back legs and could no longer jump up and access their home through a ground-floor window.

To help, they built her a DIY ramp which improved her daily life and allowed her to continue to come in and out of the home as she pleased. They soon realised that all four of their cats loved climbing up and down the frame they had created and so Catipilla was born.


How is the product?

I love the packaging. Eco-friendly and practical. Its leak design fit quite well in our room – the only space in your house that was scratch post-free.

Besides, I am quite happy with the idea of not making our bedroom another “playground” for our cat. Catipilla’s products are stylish and discreet, and it fits perfectly to any room’s décor.

From its package, you can see it is high quality one, using the finest South American sisal rope. It was easy to fold and install.


There is a manual of instruction to help you out, step by step. But it was quite straight forward. We picked the adult size – 75cm. But there are five different versions for cats of all shapes and sizes.

Dougal is a quite strong cat and I can see he’s pulls his full weight on it when climbing and scratching it. This is a quality scratcher and definitely a value for money.


What did Dougal make of it?

A cat likes to climb everything possible in the house. It’s not different with Dougal. He was curious since the day we first built it. And right after installed, he was already sniffing and scratching its new toy.

He is usually it every day. Mainly when my husband is in the room using the computer first thing in the morning.

He usually stays in this room’s windowsill for quite a while, and now he can also have a new comfortable corner to stretch and exercise. It’s a thumbs up from him – if he had thumbs, of course.


I know you all want to know it – Did he forget my furniture for good?

Not really. But at least, he uses his new scratcher every day, forgets my armchairs for a while. I am pretty happy about that.

Do you want to treat your cat with some Catpilla products too?

Here is a treat for your feline too. Catipilla is giving my readers a 10% discount using the code is LOVECATS10 when purchasing any product across the whole site. The discount code is valid until 30th June!

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Plus, enter now for the chance of winning this Luxury Scratcher too.

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I received this product complimentary from Catipilla for testing purposes. 

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