What to Do When Stranded by Outbreak lockdowns abroad?

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I believe that after over 10 weeks locked at home, some of us are already running out of ideas when it comes to entertainment.

But it is what we could call a big “white people’s problem” considering that some people have big gardens and can afford work comfortably from home, while other ones had lost their jobs and are trying not to face the quarantine in a difficult situation.

And what about the ones that are still stuck abroad? There is a guideline for British people travelling abroad during the outbreak available online on the Government’s page since February.

The main advice is clear – If you are currently travelling abroad, you should return to the UK as soon as possible if commercial flights are available.

Some travellers that cancelled their travelling straight forward after COVID-19 outbreak followed some useful steps to not waste money or time.

However, I still hear now and then several stories about people that were abroad during the outbreak, and ended up stuck abroad without concrete plans to be back to their hometowns so soon.

It happened for some many reasons, but mainly because many borders are closed, and people can’t go anywhere. If it’s your case, here are some tips on what to do when strained in another country.

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#1 – Check Your Visa

Many countries have permitted the extension of visas for citizens that have their staying expired. But if you are still trying to regulate your current situation, the best thing to do is visiting travel advice pages under the read “staying during coronavirus”.

There is a different guideline for every country. Find the one that suits you better to understand the restrictions and measures placed in every single of them.

If you face any immigration problems is also recommended to look for a professional’s guidance. Paul John and Co have experienced solicitors based in London that can help you in this matter.

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#2 – Find Suitable Accommodation

 That sounds tricky, but it’s quite important to check with your travel provider to talk through your options when staying abroad during the outbreak.

Finding a safe area to stay is the best option you can have when strained. Some accommodation providers such as Airbnb has released updated policies about renting accommodations or cancelling staying during the outbreak.

These companies are also rethinking their product offerings, like in the case of offering a place to health professionals who need to find accommodation to quarantine themselves and their families.

If you are having problems to find a suitable place to stay, don’t hesitate to contact your local Embassy or in the worst-case scenario, look for your travel insurance policies to make sure if you won’t have extra expenses during your staying.

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#3 – Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

We are all feeling alone in these difficult times. It doesn’t matter if you live with a partner or a big family. The lockdown has been challenging to everyone out there.

If you’re far from your family, it’s pretty important to keep in touch with them as much as possible. Buy a local SIM card, check your best deals on Internet connection, roaming, and don’t forget to update all phone and email contacts in your list.

If you need to have a chat now and then, use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or any other apps on your smartphone and computer to help shorten the distance in these difficult times.More important than anything – Keep safe and calm. It will end and eventually, you will be back home safe and sound.

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*This is a collaborative post.

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