Tips on business safety during the lockdown


Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the majority of businesses started doing home office. Now as the lockdown restriction eases up, people who can’t work from home are now being encouraged to go back to work.

Business safety will become the priority, and for non-essential stores that are still waiting to reopen their sites, it is wise to start ticking off the checklist for business safety in preparation for when the time comes. This can be things such as checking the fire alarms are working correctly, to making sure you have a wide range of gloves (such as those available at Unigloves website) and masks available to protect employees from picking up bacteria.

Here are a few aspects of business safety you must consider when it comes to looking after your shop and your employees.

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Fire safety in the workplace

Fire safety is of the utmost importance in any building, so it is crucial that your working environment complies with all regulations, and that it is fired safely.

Many shop owners have ignored the importance of having a fire-resistant shutter. Fire-resistant shutters are fire protection entrance barriers that shield your property, employees and clients from flame and smoke hazards in the case of a fire incident.

The shutter controls the spread of fire and smoke between two areas to allow safe egress. Having a fire-resistant shutter is also effective in securing your premises from intruders and vandals.

So, having a quality fire shutter properly fitted to your premises is a worthy investment in increasing the safety and security of your business.

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First aid in the workplace

Accidents happen more often than one thinks at work. For any minor ailments and injuries, it is handy to keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your shop.

It is also important to think about whether the kit is located in easily accessible and prominent areas, and you must keep the first aid kit contents clean and tidy. The kit should also be suitably replenished and within its expiry date.

Electrical safety in the workplace

Electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. The real cost of electrical accidents consists of pain and suffering, the time off work, damaged equipment, replacement staff costs, increased insurance premiums and so on.

For making sure the electrical safety of your workplace, you must always make sure electrical appliances are inspected and tagged, any extension lead, and power board must be maintained in a safe operating condition.

Every electrical fitting and equipment should be regularly inspected and maintained, and the switchboards must be in a safe condition at all time.

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Housekeeping in the workplace

Housekeeping is essential for a safe workplace; it helps prevent injuries and improves productivity and morale. Clients who visit your shop will also have a good first impression.

Whether your workplace needs a proper industrial clean after the pandemic (check out the price of a biohazard suit if you’re going to be using toxic cleaning chemicals), or just a good tidy, it’s important to have it in top shape!

The daily housekeeping tasks include making sure the floor is even with no loose tiles and not slippery, the doorways and stairways are clear of boxes and litter, the working area is well-lit.

Keeping their stations clean and well-maintained should be something your employees are aware of at all times, and the emergency procedure should be clearly displayed.

Making sure you have a checklist for business safety helps you keep track of everything, and your employees will feel more confident in coming to work, especially during this tough time.

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