Essential Home Maintenance Checks

Essential Home Maintenance Checks

You may not know it, but the UK householders spend £44 bn annually on work repairs. Yep, it’s a big figure.

But as terrifying as it may seem, we are now feeling puzzled about what kind of repair professionals we can receive at home in the case of urgent matters.

I guess our best chance is still doing it ourselves or leaving it for when the lockdown ends. So, here are the essential home maintenance checks for when it’s all over.

Gas Safety Check

This is still one of the services that can be done during the quarantine, respecting all safety and protective measures, of course. If you face any urgent problem that may concern the building and house safe, it’s time to find a contractor to carry on with the repair.

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With the temperatures rising quite quickly this month, everything you don’t need now is having clogged pipes and toilets.

We can always be extra careful not putting cooking grease in the drain or any other leaking nightmare. But if you need a plumbing service, you can count on 24 hours services from Pulse Plumbers.


In the winter, it’s pretty common gutters stop working properly, loosening or tag causing drainage problems. It the gutters are blocked; it will cause damp and mould to the walls.

Sometimes, you can use a natural solution wit bicarbonate soda to clean the mould, but it will be necessary to find a professional to unblock the gutters and stop water infiltration for good.

If you decide to clean it by yourself, be careful when climbing the ladders.


Smoke Detectors

Fires at home can be avoided when we have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector checked regularly. One simple and effective measure to avoid fire accidents is changing their batteries annually.


Lockdown is a perfect excuse to start using the pool now when the weather starts to improve, and the hot summer days are here to stay for a while.

Depending on the type of service you need, it will be better to have professional help to treat the water and change the filters. It’s always better to inspect the pool in advance and have fewer headaches when the summer arrives.

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The roof is the part of the house that is always exposed. It’s also the one that can cause real problems when it needs repairing. Look for crackers and moulds to prevent damage.

It’s also recommended to paint it regularly to make it looks tidy and stylish.


Checking the boiler regularly avoids unnecessary repairing in the future. You can always count on a professional engineer to check the cause of the problem and fix it.

But following some simple procedures such as check the power and set the room thermostats can be helpful.

Heating your home can account for as much as 50% of energy use in the average home in the UK, which means it’s the largest and most effective way to cut your carbon footprints.

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