4 Non surgical treatments for Hair Loss

Best Nonsurgical treatments for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many different reasons – from hormonal imbalance to genetic problems.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the reasons sometimes. And we all know that hair loss and baldness can also bring another series of issues that can be difficult to overcome as well, such a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

On the other hands, a hair transplant can be quite expensive treatment. It’s also not for everyone considering it’s an operation and it offers normal risks and side effects that a procedure like this may bring to a patient.

So, why not consider the benefits of a nonsurgical treatment for hair loss first?

Luckily, there are several different ways of restoring your hair replacements that can be a good match for you.

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Skin hair Replacement – Some toupee hair placement are tailored and especially made among the most popular methods nowadays. It’s a perfect fit for those looking for a more realistic look using 100% real human hair that matches all skin colours.

Low Level Lase Therapy (LLLT) – This fairly new treatment has shown results for both men’s and women’s hair losses. The treatment consists in the use of low laser therapy shown some cases of hair regrowth, thickness, and satisfaction among patients tested.

Micro-needling – This treatment that consists in infliction of very small wounds to the scalp. It’s a quite effective therapy for thinning and balding hair.

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Medications – There are some treatments made with two types of medications in this case: minoxidil and finasteride. This is a slower type of treatment that will take at least six months to start showing some result. The hair will grow gradually, and you have to be patience enough to see if it’s working for you.

As we can see, there are plenty of different methods to avoid surgical hair placement. You just need to find the best match for your pocket and needs.

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