The Main Reasons To Buy a Boiler in Summer

The Main Reasons To Buy a Boiler in Summer

During the Summer months, when the sun is shining, the last thing that is on your mind is your boiler system. I am sure you won’t be the only person who is thinking, why should I check my heating services when I don’t need them.

Carry on reading the guide below and learn why you should not only think about your central heating system during the winter months.

When & Why to Replace your Existing Boiler:

Whether your boiler is working not working, if your boiler is over the age of ten to fifteen years, there are many reasons why you should be looking into a replacement.

The first thing we will go into, which will be an eye-opener, is the energy bills.

The older your boiler is, the more inefficient it will be. Therefore, your bills could add up to being more expensive what you would pay to purchase a modern energy efficient boiler.

Boilers now have to, by law, have an efficiency rating of over 90%. They also get awarded with the following efficiency ratings if they have high efficiency. They have an ErP rating, a SEDBUK rating, or get recognised by The Energy Saving Trust.

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To understand what the efficiency means when it comes to the fuel bills:

New efficient boilers have over 90% rating, meaning for every £1 spent on heating, under 10p is wasted.

Old inefficient boilers with a 70% rating over the year could cost you an extra £300 or more on your energy bills to a new boiler.

Another reason being, if a problem occurs, more than likely, the part will no longer be available to replace.

Why wait for an issue to occur, leaving your family home with no heating and hot water for some time when you could make the replacement decision yourself and have a high-efficiency boiler fitted within a day.

It’s really quick and simple to get a new boiler quote online.

Boiler Central is a well-known brand on the market that will do boiler replacement. They have a number of the top brand modern boilers available, including Viessmann, with a massive 15-year warranty guarantee.

They are the only company in the UK to offer such a lengthy warranty, what great peace of mind!

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Replacing Your Boiler in Summer Key Benefits:

For many reasons, boiler engineers are a lot easier to get hold of within the summer months compared to the winter months. During the summer, you will be able to pick a time and day to suit your needs.

The winter months for Gas Safe engineers involves mending frozen pipes or solving breakdowns.

You wouldn’t want to go days in the winter with no heating, whereas in the summer months, you could quite happily manage without any radiators for a few days.

Also, if your boiler breaks in winter, you could end up paying more than you need to, you may have to pay a plumber to do “a make-do job” before you can get your hands on a Gas Safe engineer.

Another reason being you can test your boiler during the warm weather period. If any issues occur, there wouldn’t be the same rush to have it repaired as there would be in winter.

No rush to choose your preferred boiler make & model:

If your boiler breaks down and you need to replace it instantly, you have no time to shop around and find a boiler that is a reasonable price.

You also want a lengthy warranty, high-efficiency, and in general, an overall boiler that will run your home to the best maximum performance and save you as much money as possible.

Having a Boiler installation in summer is highly recommended for the above reasons.

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Look forward to Winter knowing your Bills will be reduced:

We all dread the cold, dark mornings and nights as summer comes to an end. Imagine how it could be made even worse with no heating or hot water or even worse than a hefty fuel bill for your central heating system.

As said above, a modern, efficient boiler can seriously reduce your bills. You could have the extra money to go on holiday. You can have a more comfortable life knowing you have the extra cash.

Lastly, always use a Gas Safe Register engineer to install your replacement boiler, let them judge your boiler decision before you purchase the boiler, and always read the manufacturer guidelines to keep your warranty valid.

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