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Eco-Friendly and Mindfulness Gift Guide _ Treating Yourself During the Lockdown (1)I have noticed people are buying more online things since the start of the lockdown. We know most of the shops are closed and the Internet has become your best buddy when it comes to shopping.

These paradoxical times have revealed that staying at home has been good for the planet. At the same time, it seems that everyone started to sort it out their own Amazon wishlist like it was the last chance to get things that they probably never needed.

Meaning – the waste that we are not recycling are feeding landfills all over the world now.

The truth is that caring for people and yourself in those challenging times seems to be the best way of keeping our mind, body and soul healthier.

We can’t deny that treating ourselves and the loved ones with something special is just the boost we need to carry on. And if you’re going to buy something during this lockdown, why not make a more sustainable choice?

Here is my Eco-friendly and Mindfulness gift guide during the quarantine.

Shampoo & Conditioner bars

I have ditched plastic bottles use for quite a while now. But I do confess that sometimes it’s just easy to go for the supermarket standard shampoo and conditioner when it comes to price and practicality. So why now go for a zero waste shampoo bar?

shampoo bar

However. Last month I have swap it for organic mint tea matcha shampoo bar and citrus conditioner bar by Authentic House. Both blended with clay and essential and natural oils. A solid shampoo would be also another great sustainable option.


Design Watch

I do love watches. If you have visited this space before, you will remember I have talked about Nordgreen watches before here. This Danish company designs stylish watches with a high sustainable value.


Nordgreen’s watches have unique concepts and meaning for every single collection designed by its creator Jakob Warner. My new favourite one is the elegant and classic Philosopher – Rose Gold that never goes out of style.

I always loved Nordgreen’s business concept. A Danish company founded by two lifelong friends and watch enthusiasts, Pascar and Vasilij.

The business idea was producing an affordable and stylish watches with sustainable values-  all in the Scandinavian way.


Its giving back program has helped educational, health and environmental projects around the world.  Every time you purchase a Nordgreen watch, you are donating for some of those causes.

hand soap

Hand Soap

I still remember in the beginning of the quarantine people were desperate to buy hand soaps and the popular brands just disappeared from shelves. As I always bought them online, I have decided to find a new brand that would be not only affordable, but also environmentally friendly.


Then, I have found Fill – a family run business from Northamptonshire that produces biodegradable cleaning and laundry products in bulk with no dyes, no harsh chemicals and of course, plastic free.

I’m totally in love with the returnable bottles. It’s clean, environmentally correct and you save money as well. I just got the fig leaf hand soap to test it and I can’t wait to try some of their products soon. Not to mention I just love the minimalist glass bottles!

mala beads

Mala Beads

I’m trying to improve my meditation skills during the lockdown. I have been studying Buddhism for quite a while now and one of the things that make me most interesting about it is the fact that meditation is a powerful tool that require a lot of practice.

Some of those tools to help you keep focused when meditating is the mala bead.

I have bought mine on Zari Tibet – a small organisation that helps to preserve the rich and diverse Tibetan culture. Zari supports Tibetans in many ways – from trading with companies that employ Tibetan refugees to supporting local recycling projects in Dharamshala.

menstruakl cup

Menstrual Cup  

That’s something personal, but also necessary in times that you probably are avoiding going to supermarkets and pharmacies, the menstrual cups are the most ecological and economical solution.

This Sileu cup is a perfect gift for friends that are looking for a more sustainable toiletry option with an affordable price. I love the discreet packaging and its durable material.

lunch box ecological

Lunchbox & Collapsible Straw

Walking to parks and woods in the country are part of the strategies to loosen the lockdown. People are finally allowed to drive to the countryside to make the most of long walking through woods and commission forests.

Walking is the only exercise I have taken seriously during the quarantine. Thinking about it, I just decided to invest in a Chowie lunchbox set –   with fork + spoon that is made of total recyclable material.


Plus, a Shlurple straw – a collapsible straw that is the most innovative and compact item to carry around in your bag or even pocket. Not to mention both items have a gorgeous design.


The Little Book of Mindfulness

Books, who have enough of them? I have started reading much more after the quarantine. Maybe it is due to the fact I am not so busy and going out and about like I used to do.

This time of the year I would be planning my trip to Brazil or a holiday in some hotspot in Europe. However, I am travelling though books though.

The Little Book of Mindfulness is one of the most interesting readings from this month. It’s an easy and comfortable read that is perfect for those who are looking for !0 minutes a day to have more peace and less stress.

I have the e-book version that is just great if you want to read on kindle or on a smartphone and tablet.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links with no additional cost for you, however, I will earn a commission if you click through it. 

Featured Image |Helena Hertz on Unsplash


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