Planning A Staycation to Celebrate the Lockdown Easing? Here’s Everything You Need

Planning A Staycation to Celebrate the Lockdown Easing_ Here’s Everything You Need

Many of us have had to cancel our vacations and trips this summer due to lockdown and restrictions placed by the governments around the world.

As the world begins to get back to normal and lockdown eases, many of us are now thinking about what we can do to take back summer and have some fun. For many, the answer is a staycation.

If you are thinking about planning a staycation to celebrate the lockdown easing, then there are some things you’ll need to know. Get some of our tips below.

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Getting There

If you are planning a staycation while lockdown is still somewhat still in place, you’ll need to think carefully about how you’ll get to your destination.

For example, if you live in London but are considering a staycation in the north of England, you might need to take a plane. It is important that you consider the travel restrictions at this time and do your research.

It might be more beneficial to hire a motorhome or a van that can get your family there safely. The last thing you would want is for your transport to be cancelled which could affect your trip.

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

While many people think that they don’t need travel insurance when going on a staycation, this is not always the case.

Certain types of travel insurance don’t only just cover your medical expenses when you travel abroad, some can also cover lost baggage and cancelled trips.

When planning your staycation, make sure to check what kind of travel insurance you need and find the right policy for your trip. You should check with the insurance provider as to what they cover for COVID-19 as each supplier will differ.

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Where to Stay

When travelling anywhere as lockdown eases, you might find that there are certain restrictions on where you can stay. The great thing about a staycation is that you don’t have to stay in a hotel, you have many more options to choose from.

If hotels aren’t open where you are going, why not consider some alternatives like campsites or even caravan sites? You could also consider renting a house online to have your family stay in safely.

It is important that you do plenty of research and makes sure that you choose the accommodation that you can rely on for your staycation.

What to Bring with You

Of course, you know the essential things you need to bring with you when you’re going for a staycation, from clothes and toiletries to gadgets and entertainment. Leaving an item at home can be a total bummer and affect the mood of your staycation.

There’s nothing more frustrating than expecting to see a specific item you need in your bag, and then realizing you left it at home! It will also help to have an easily accessible backpack that fits and organizes all your essentials and valuables. You can just grab it if you want to go out and explore the town or nearby tourist attractions or if you want to keep certain items close to you while you’re in transit.

Things to Consider

Finally, if you are planning on booking a staycation when lockdown eases, there are some things that you should consider. Social distancing is something that will continue to be recommended for a while and so you will want to make sure that this is possible on your staycation.

Try to avoid visiting areas where there will be a lot of people and make sure that everyone on your trip has enough space. You might also want to pick up some face masks and hand sanitiser to make sure that everyone in your party is safe on your trip.

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Get Planning

Lockdown is starting to ease so now is the time to stay planning your staycation. It might be a bit risky to book a trip somewhere abroad at this time so a staycation will be the better option.

When booking, make sure that you are going to be able to continue social distancing and that you are not booking something that might be cancelled. Travel insurance can help you with this so make sure to do your research.

For those planning a staycation in England, this should be a simple enough process as the restrictions start to ease.

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