7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Staycation This Summer

7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Staycation This Summer

If travel restrictions or other recent events have left you stuck at home this summer, you can make the most of your time by designing a fulfilling staycation for yourself.

Instead of travelling to another destination, you can find ways to entertain yourself in your hometown. Here are some of the best ways to make the most out of your staycation.

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Go for a Swim

Swimming is one of the best summertime activities, and there are likely many places for swimming in your area that are open. Public swimming pools and waterparks are some of the best places to get wet and beat the summer heat.

Think about checking out local hotels, community centres and schools to find out if they have swimming pools that you can use. If you live near a lake, a river or the ocean, there may be areas in these natural bodies of water that are likely designated for safe swimming.

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Enjoy a Spa Day

Spending time at a spa will allow you to receive some extra pampering during your staycation.

Many spas offer massage services and facial treatments that can help you look and feel your best. You might even be able to find a local spa that offers mud baths or therapeutic body wrap treatments.

Medical spas are known to offer even more advanced treatments that can help slim and tighten your physique while improving your skin’s quality on an even deeper level.

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Sample New Cuisines

Trying different foods from international cuisines can make you feel as though you’ve travelled to new exotic destinations without having to leave your hometown.

You may be able to find restaurants in your area that serve delicious Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern dishes that will provide some variety for your taste buds. Try some exotic cocktails that might make you feel as though you’re staying at a luxury resort in Hawaii or the Caribbean region.

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Visit Local Fairs or Carnivals

There are likely carnivals and county fairs in your area that include rides, games and additional entertainment.

Some fairs and carnivals are also known to feature watermelon eating contests, dog races and other unusual events that provide additional amusement for spectators.

Going to a fair or carnival can be an especially fun way to enjoy a carefree experience during a gap year. These events are often held at the end of summer or the beginning of fall, but you can possibly find fairs and carnivals that are taking place throughout other times of the summer season.

Try Glamping

If you’re looking for a more luxurious alternative to a traditional camping trip, you can try glamping.

Glamping involves camping outdoors while having access to some of the extra comforts of home. Instead of sleeping in a sleeping bag, you can use a bed that’s easy to transport. Comfortable chairs can also be brought along to make your experience more enjoyable.

Your glamping experience can also include staying in a tent that’s larger than a standard camping tent so that you can fit more amenities into it. You can find great spots for glamping at many regular campsites that are close to where you live.

Learn Something New

Broadening your knowledge and skills can help you in many areas of life, and taking a class that teaches you something new can be a fun way to spend part of your staycation.

There are cooking, art and foreign language classes that are likely open in your area at schools and community centres. You can also try taking music lessons to learn how to play a new instrument or sing better.

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Catch Up on Sleep

A staycation doesn’t have to completely involve cramming as many fun activities as you can into your time away from work or school. Catching up on sleep is another great way to spend part of your staycation.

Getting more sleep can help increase your energy and mental focus so that you can function in life better. Use a hammock to take an afternoon nap under some trees or on a screened-in porch to get more rest and relaxation.

Not being able to take a trip shouldn’t have to mean the end to your fun this summer. By taking a staycation, you can immerse yourself in new and exciting experiences that will leave you with many great memories.

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