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I don’t know about you, but one of my guilty pleasures during this quarantine is creating imaginary pinboards on Pinterest with the most creative ideas to decorate rooms of my new home.

I didn’t have the chance to look at some properties in person yet, but I do love spending several hours browsing design furniture pieces that would fit perfectly in each room of my dream home.

The truth is that most of us have spent the last three months working from home, trying to balance the “new normal lifestyle” in a space that sometimes is too crowded with old and tiring furniture.

The good news is that it doesn’t cost a single penny to dream about our inspirational living room ideas, anyway.

Maybe it’s time to realise that our old or new home needs a bit of indoor improvement. So, here are some interior trendy ideas that can work for small or grand changes.

Minya Pendant Light

Living Room – Minya Pendant Light

Living in Birmingham makes me open my eyes to some stunning rustic décor. I love the industrial-inspired design and I think it can fit well in any ambient in the house.

This Minya Pendant Light would work perfectly in the kitchen over a dining table, but I would love to see how it fits in a working space in the living room.  The gentle lighting over the hallway would be also another place to consider.

Wimbledon Modern Shaker Kitchen

Kitchen – Wimbledon Modern Shaker Kitchen

The kitchen has to be spacious. These pale green hand-painted cabinets and brushed stainless steel recessed handles can work as a breakfast bar counter and even a place to keep the eyes on the kids when you are too busy cooking dinner. This piece has a beautiful vintage oil finish.

But this whole kitchen is a dream for everyone who likes to join food with friends and at family gatherings. I do not have a big family, but I can imagine spending some quality time with my parents in this stunning open-plan kitchen.

Nature inspired bathroom design with Darian Bathtub and Darian Towel Rack


Bathroom – Darian Bathtub and Isacco Basket

Let’s be honest, an elegant bathtub is everything we need to change the mood of our bathroom. This stunning one features a cluster of gold-plated brass asymmetrical bars enveloping a black leather structure, that results in a blend of artful and stout personality.


To give it a touch of harmony, I would bring to this space an Isacco laundry basket that is one the most versatile and innovative pieces that you can have in your home improvement for this summer.

It’s made of 100% nylon fabric and it has two openings to facilitate the division between white and coloured clothes. Isacco is available in three different colours and it’s just the dreamt minimalist furniture that would be perfect in any design bathroom. I’m totally in love.

Nagy Bedroom (1)

Bedroom – Nagy Bedroom

Here is full of character and glamour master bedroom features. The mid-century bed works amazingly in any kind of décor project, offering extra space to accommodate the bedside tables.

I can’t get enough of the neutral and sober colours. And no, it doesn’t look like a hotel room.
Cult Furniture - Rayner Dining Chair Velvet Upholstered Green

Dining room – Rayner Dining Chairs

Everybody has a favourite piece at home that keep moving from home to home with you wherever you go.

Most of the time, it will be a dining table that certainly would deserve a piece with a simple design like the Rayner modern dining chair wrapped in green velvet with brushed black finished legs.

It’s perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your living room or the dining room itself, working in modern or vintage interiors.

Featured Image |Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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