How to Pack Up Your House

How to Pack Up Your House

We all have to agree that moving out a stressful matter! It doesn’t matter how many times in life you have done it. It will always be a process that requires us to have a lot of patience and organisation go through it as smooth as possible.

That’s why it’s so important to know how and when to pack all your belongings to avoid an extra headache. So, here is a step by step comprehensive guide to packed up your house without stress.

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Get Organised

If you divide your moving into steps, it will be easier to be followed by the movers as well. Tape rooms and map floors and doors to get it more organised as possible. Labelling furniture and boxes adequately will save time and space during the when moving around.

But don’t worry if you have no time for thinking about this. Most of the removals in London and other UK cities provide a quite personalised service nowadays.

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Pack it By Room

It doesn’t matter how many rooms you have in your current house. When it comes to the moving process, it’s highly recommended to pack each room separately. This way you can keep similar items together, making the unpacking quite easily.

It not only will facilitate the organisation from a house to another. Plus, it’s a perfect moment to go from item to item before donating or keeping something that is not going to be useful in the new home.

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Recycling should be mandatory in any moving out checklist. As you may have noticed before, I am not keen on keeping clutter at home. My eco-friendly Spring cleaning tips have helped me keep a more tidy up house.

Getting rid of items that are not going to be useful in the new house is the first thing you should be doing when moving out.

It makes things more practical and you will certainly have a nice feeling in donating them to someone who may need some furniture, toys or clothes.

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Check the Utilities

Before stepping into a new home, everybody should check utility such as switch lights, all taps and toilet in every single room. Just in case you find something damage or broken that will be certainly needed to be addressed before moving if it’s a rental.

If you are the buyer, I would recommend changing taps, door locks and toilet seats before moving. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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