7 Cheap Destinations to Visit After the Lockdown

7 Cheap Destinations to Visit After the Lockdown

Raise your hands if you can’t wait to reach the airports or the roads of your favourite destination this year yet? I now COVID is making it difficult at this moment, but the truth is that sooner or later we will all start to plan our trips again.

The destination? I probably would go first to Brazil to see my family and friends. Then, I would certainly go back to my early 2020 plans of visiting Romania.

The truth is that budget travel is going to be a thing in 2021, especially if you don’t want to hurt your pocket but are still willing to boost the travel industry visiting some amazing destinations around the world.

Some people are already in the wanderlust mood and have picked already know their favourite destinations to travel to after lockdown. Here is my list of affordable ones to visit as soon as we can.

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Who doesn’t want to visit Cuba? I grew up thinking about Havana as one of the most interesting capitals in the world. The vibrant and colourful streets, exciting culture and its explosion of flavours in its cuisine, makes Cuba a quite popular destination.

The tourist currency Cuc was created exclusively to attend tourist that travel to Cuba. One cuc worth one dollar, but one cuc is equivalent to 25 Cuban pesos for locals.

We can see the disparity in the prices, what makes Cuba quite affordable for tourist, at the same time it’s a bit harsh when it comes to catering for entertaining their locals.

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Maybe one of the most underestimated destinations in the world, Colombia used to be associated with drugs and violence. Nowadays, it’s one of the most interesting places to visit in the world.

I always wanted to visit Cartagena. Not because its popularity on Instagram feeds, but because it’s one of the most interesting cities in South America.

Together with Medellin, Cartagena is perfect spots for visitors looking at the stunning architecture, delicious food and a mix between the old and modern Colombia that attracts tourist from all over the world annually. Plus, Colombia is well-known for its delicious coffee. I wonder why it’s on my list for visiting sooner.

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Here is one of the most affordable places to visit in Asia. It’s also one of the most beautiful destinations as well.

Vietnam has a strong culinary history and it makes the country one hotspot for foodies. Besides, its narrow streets full of bars and restaurants are a must-see and do when you visit Hanoi.

If you like outdoors and gorgeous food, Vietnam is certainly for you. ‘If you are interested in a more traditional Vietnam it’s worth to visit little cities such as Hoi An – a UNESCO Heritage site that still keeps its cultural features at the same that became a famous tourist spot. Vietnam cuisine is simple, fresh and contemporary.

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It’s only a small country that offers so much to be seen and experimented. Did you know that tourists are considered “a bless” when visiting this fascinating country? Better to have it in mind when heading to Georgia and respect its vast traditions and history.

It must be amazing to check the “capitals” of the country via cable car and check the remains of the Nahikala citadel and the amazing views of Tbilisi from there. The old and new cohabits quite well together in Tbilisi.

It’s fascinating to explore narrow streets and beautiful new and old constructions in this ancient town.

Trekking is also quite popular in Georgia due to its stunning landscapes and peaks across the country. Not to mention that we can’t leave Georgia without trying its famous dish Khachapuri. Where do I sign for this adventure now?

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I once worked with someone from Zanzibar in Tanzania and he talked so much about his hometown that I have googled it and ended up falling in love too. What a gorgeous African country.

Mabo, Jambo! Welcome to probably one of the friendliest and happiest countries that we would like to visit one day. I don`t get the point on going for safari expeditions, and I would prefer to interact more with local traditions.

Visiting Zanzibar would be a must. Its natural beauty and the fact that my darling Freddie Mercury was born there also makes this place one of the most interesting spots.

The clear waters of its beaches, exotic Swahili dishes and the slow-paced lifestyle makes Zanzibar islands a true paradise outside mainland Tanzania. Yes, I say yes to all of this.

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North Macedonia

I do confess that I didn’t know too much about North Macedonia until I ask my husband what would be his pick for an affordable destination to add to this post? Then I have started to research about this country and wow! That’s an interesting spot to explore culturally and historically.

To start with, it brings us to a huge debate about whether it’s okay to name this country that way we are doing in this post. This blog has no political views to comment on it, so it’s always better to focus on why visiting this beautiful and interesting country?

If you need more information about the country itself, it’s better to google it before visiting it. Especially because it’s a quite new issue to be discussed ( or not).

North Macedonia is quite popular for tourist from all over the world.

Its capital Skopje is also known as the city of the statues and stray dogs. There are famous bridges, modern buildings and a quite beautiful city to explore on foot, so it’s always recommended to hire a local guide.

Don’t skip the numerous cafes and shops. The city is fairly affordable, and you can find budget places to stay in quite easily.

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Here is a destination that was supposed to be marked on our map of places travelled in 2020. We had our trip booked to Cluj early this year and for obvious reasons, it was postponed.

I am quite disappointed with the fact that COVID stopped me to visit one of the most interesting countries in Europe.

Our trip to Cluj would be also one of the cheapest ones done in nearly 10 years travelling together. I remember carefully planning our 10 days trip and it was amusing to realised that Romania has so much to offer for such affordable prices.

We had planned to stay near one of the most haunted forests in the world, and explore the Transylvania roads by car where we could end up at the gorgeous and historic Sighisoara.

It was all postponed, of course. But I will certainly book a flight to Romania as soon as it all ends.

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