Summer Fixes for the Winter Months

summer Fixes for the Winter Months

Summer’s here and we’re all firing up the barbecues and throwing the windows open to allow the sunlight into our homes. Right now, winter feels like a lifetime away.

However, while no one wants to think about the seasons to come just yet, these warmer months are the perfect time to prep the home for the cold snap later in the year.

The last few years have seen some intense weather conditions, with the Beast from the East in 2018, Storm Freya in 2019, and Storm Dennis earlier this year.

Preparing your property now for any similar extreme weather in the future is the best way to cover everything before the snow and gusts of winds return.

To help you work out what to focus on first, here’s a guide to the essential repairs to look at now.

Get your boiler serviced

There’s nothing worse than the boiler breaking on the coldest day of the year. By getting it serviced now, you’re more likely to flag any issues and get them fixed before you need to think about turning the heating on.

In some circumstances, you may find that you need a replacement boiler. Again, now is the best time to change it before the winter returns.

However, this can be quite a big expense so it’s worth thinking of how you’ll account for this – just be sure to keep up with monthly repayments if you do take out a credit card to finance your replacement boiler.

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Check your windows and doors

Around 30% of the heat in your home escapes through gaps in your windows and doors. Look carefully and check for any loose seals or areas where wooden frames may have warped.

If you haven’t got double glazing or you have a gap beneath your doors, making some updates and investing in replacements can go a long way towards helping retain heat.

To do this, shop around and get some quotes for new windows. You’ll be glad you made these updates now as you’ll stop heat from escaping.

Plus, you’ll be less likely to need the heating on for as long, so you could save some money on heating bills in the long run.

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Take a look at the roof

Replacing loose slates and tiles now can help prevent leaks further down the line. Whether you feel comfortable taking a look or you’d prefer to hire a specialist to check for you, it’s important that any fixes that are made are carried out during a spell of dry weather. This will make sure the new tiles fix firmly in place.

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Clear the gutters

By clearing away leaves, moss, and any twigs that have blown into your gutters, you prevent them from overflowing onto your property during heavy rainfall. If you keep putting this job off, you’re at risk of causing the bricks of your home to become damp. If you want a professional to do the work for you, try searching Gutter Cleaning Roanoke, if in that location, to find a gutter cleaning service near you.

These are just some of the fixes you can make while the sun’s shining. Which will you focus on first?

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