Driving Tips to Improve Your Petrol Economy

Driving Tips to Improve Your Petrol Economy

Who would say that adapting ourselves to work from home would be a great deal for most of the car owners too? It worked well both ways – whether you are part of a group that could stay in and doesn’t need to rely on public transport to reach your workplace.

The truth is that petrol consumption has been reduced and consequently its price has decreased as well in the last three months. It has helped us to save money on petrol and also rethink out the use of the car daily.

I know a bit redundant to say that using cheap petrol will be a great alternative to reduce fuel consumption. It is a good starting though! Here are other simple and useful alternatives to improve your petrol economy.

Keep Your Vehicle Updated

Keeping the maintenance of your car up to date is still the best way to improve petrol use. Besides MOT checking, it’s quite important to keep track on your tyres pressure and the oil level. They are simple measures that can be done by yourself in a few minutes.

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K Fuel Card

Businesses across Ireland are relying on this type of payment that is convenient in many ways. If you use a car only for business purposes, it’s better to check the best options to invest in a K Fuel card.

It’s basically a credit card that is used for petrol-related transactions only. K Fuel card is a great way of saving both time and money. Besides, it’s also an effective way to prevent fraud because this kind of payment can be blocked in case of suspicious services and transactions made in different areas. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

There are several types of K Fuel cards, so it’s always better to count on the expertise of companies such as Icompario to make sure you choose the right one to fulfils your needs.

Plan Your Journeys

It should be a staple measure, anyways. Before leaving your home from work or a long road trip, it’s always better to plan your journey to avoid extra petrol consumption. We can rely on traffic news to avoid chock-a-block areas or even use services like the RAF route planner to feel safe than sorry.

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Open your Windows

We’re blessed with mild temperatures along the year in this country. But if the temperatures starts to soar, some drivers may think it’s always better to have your windows open instead of keeping your air conditioner running.

This can go both ways when we need to use the heat as well. Then, in this case, the better option is still to dress up according to the weather to avoid higher fuel consumption.

To Hypermiling or not Hyper milling?

Is Hypermiling being bad for our cars? A quite controversial issue but there are still lots of people keen on it. The truth is that hypermiling is a quite popular technique to keep the momentum, avoiding breaking or acceleration up and down hills and junctions.

If you want to save petrol in short distance driving, it’s always better to choose other transports such as bicycles or go walking.

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