Productive and Creative Things to Do When Staying at Home

Productive and Creative Things to Do When Staying at Home

I know we’re all going a bit insane now after facing the drastic changes that a global pandemic can bring to our lives. School, universities, shopping centres, cinemas, and even hair salons were all closed for a while.

We needed to adapt ourselves to the new “normal” to find ways of beating the boredom. But now that the lockdown is starting to lift gradually in the UK, we can consider being a bit more productive than just binge-watching TV shows or starting some DIY in our garden.

We all still have to respect social distancing measures, of course. But there are plenty on fun activities and services on the plate be joined in before the summer ends. Here is my list of productive things we can all do while you are bored and stuck at home.

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Indoor Fitness

No. I’m not talking about joining that popular “working out from home” YouTube tutorial. I am talking about real and effective fitness with the help of a professional without necessary meaning – going to the gym.

Did you know that you can find a personal trainer near you with just a click? All you need is an Internet connection and some searching skills. You heard it.

I had a personal trainer before that I met online and he adapted his schedule to my work scheduling visiting me once a week at home.

It was one of the best decision I ever made considering that you can choose the best time and days to work out without worrying about getting stuck in traffic and the shenanigans that “going to the gym” means.

Plus, in times of COVID-19, your home is still the safest place for training or joining any fitness activity.

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Learn a New Language

I’m a “learning language freak”. After spending years learning English (I’m still studying it) and also study Spanish for quite a long time, and have few lessons of Mandarin, I have decided to learn Japanese now. I know. Japanese is not the easiest language to learn.

The first tempting was made on an online platform where you just need to be watching some videos and repeat sentences.

It worked for a while, but not enough to take me to a higher level. So, I chose to study on a platform where you can learn different languages with teachers from all over the world. That was a clever choice.

Now I can practice it with a native tutor. The fact I am working from home and not commuting every day, helped me to save some time and money to invest in online studying. The e-learning world is full of possibilities. You just need to find the course that fulfils your needs and start it now.

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Get Your Personal Chef

Have you heard of personal chefs’ services? I am not talking about a Michelin starred one, of course. I am talking about looking for a professional that can prepare a special meal at your home – any time and date of choice.

If we don’t feel comfortable going to restaurants yet, or if you run out of taking away ideas, it’s a perfect idea to bring the restaurant to your house.

Believe it or not, it’s a quite affordable and accessible service. And you can literally choose the menu and have a private chef from all over the world cooking renowned meals at your doorstep. Meaning, your dining room.

All you need to know is respecting the social distancing requirements and safety measures for having a smooth procedure.

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