Affordable ways to keep Your Teeth Healthy

Affordable ways to keep Your Teeth Healthy“This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own”

Last time I have been to a dentist, it was not the most pleasant experience for my pocket. I mean, nobody likes to go to the dentist anyway. But dentist treatment is quite expensive in the UK.

So, it’s always better to keep your oral hygiene updated the relying on dental care treatment. Here are some affordable ways to keep your dental care up to date without hurt your pocket.colgate 4Pick the Right Toothbrush

I’ve been using an electric toothbrush for quite a while now. It’s proven that they are usually more durable and efficient than the regular ones. You need to regularly replace the heads, and this kind of toothbrush can be a bit pricey sometimes.

colgate 2

The good news is that we can find quite affordable options like a battery toothbrush. I’m currently using the Colgate MaxWhite Medium with no regrets so far. It’s light, the hand has a good grip when knowing its bristles vibrate 20 thousand strokes a minute. It vibrates a lot!

colgate 3

Despite the irreplaceable brush head, I think it’s a good investment to make considering that it’s quite efficient.

Plus, there is no hustle and bustle when it comes to carrying it around. You won’t need to worry about recharging your toothbrush or carry UBS cables. It’s practical and does the job of saving you money and time.


Natural Flosses, anyone?

I’m not a big fan of products wrapped up in plastic. So, I was ended up never buying the usual dental floss brands. However, flossing is quite important to practice dental hygiene.

So, I give it another go now. To be honest, it doesn’t cost much to respect the environment trying a plastic-free alternative to any product.

So, here I’m now using a 100% silk dental floss and biodegradable. It comes in a refillable container with a top made of metal. There is no plastic included. Brilliant. The truth is that silk flosses last longer than conventional ones. It worth the investment.

organic toothpaste

Make Your Toothpaste

You heard it! It’s quite possible to make an organic toothpaste with natural ingredients that you have at any cupboard. such as bentonite clay, hot water, salt, coconut oil, xylitol sweetener, and any essential oil of your choice.

Peppermint oil is the perfect match for it because of its freshness. This recipe is not new and organic kinds of toothpaste are quite popular and effective choices.

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