Zero Water Filter Jug | Review

Zero Water Filter Jug _ Review

I have some peculiar memories from my childhood in Rio de Janeiro. One of them was about drinking filtered water from a traditional clay filter at my grandmother’s house. Tap water in Brazil was not a reliable thing to do, so every single home used to have a different type of filter

 I do confess that it was a bit scary to try tap water for the first time when I moved here, and despite it being safe, I always wanted to buy a filter. You know, some habits never changed. 


 The fact that we need to keep buying huge gallons of still water to our cat Dougal, made a water filter a necessary item to have sooner or later.

 Last month, Zero Water sent me one of their filter jugs to try and I am quite pleased to have the chance of reviewing it. Yay! Here are my words on it.


 How does it work? 

Our tap water is filled with dissolved solids that go from metals to other organic substances. Zero Water can reduce 99% of all total dissolved solids with a five stages filter system. 

In the first layer of filtration, it removes the chlorine taste that we are used to getting with tap water. In the second stage, it gets rid of dust and rust that makes the water appear cloudy. 

 The last three stages are made for removing other contaminants and it also prepares the water to have the appropriate treatment to guarantee “000” when checking its level of dissolved solids with the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter.


What do I think of it? 

Design: To start with, I like its sleek design and it fits perfectly inside the fridge. The ergonomic pitcher makes it easy to be stored in small spaces.

The reservoir and sealed lid help to avoid spilling water when filling glasses and bottles. When the filter is full it is a bit heavy to carry it, but it’s easily manageable.

Assembling: I thought it was quite easy to assemble it. The jug comes with a water quality meter, Ion Exchange filter, and the 12-cup filter cup. It took me less than five minutes to get it all ready to use.

 Water Quality: The tap water in the West Midlands provided by Severn Trent Water was considered the best in the UK and even compared with a mountain stream in levels of freshness. Even though, it doesn’t mean that it will be the purest ever drunken.


 To be honest, I was not surprised when my unfiltered water showed up as 271 ppm when I have measured the quantity of dissolved solid on it.

When I have measured the still water that I used to give to my cat it resulted in 135 ppm – which is the typical range, but not as pure as filtered ones

 When I have used the Zero Water filter for the first time, it measured only 001 – 004 ppm, and it was enough to think it’s a good investment to have a filter jug at home.

 Water Taste: As I mentioned before, I have vivid memories of having filtered water when I was young. Zero Water has the same type of taste that I have found in filters made of clay. I like it. It takes time for some people to get used to this, but it is worthy.


Overall, I quite like this filter jug. It does remove impurities and it filters the water quite quickly as well. It looks like my cat likes the taste of it as well.

It does the job quite well. The only downside here would be the price of the replacement water filter itself that is quite pricy.

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I received this product complimentary from Zero Water for testing purposes. 

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