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We talked a lot about business ideas on this blog. I know. I guess everyone is feeling inspired by the fact that we have worked remotely lately. I am thinking about starting my own business this year yet. 

It is quite scary, to say the least. There are a lot of things to put into consideration when going for it.

That’s the reason I have been studying some similar businesses to the one I have in mind to check some points that can be helpful not only for me. Or anyone out there thinking about starting their own project. 

I’d like to remind you that those tips are based on what I have read about them. Are you about to move abroad or apply for a visa? Remember that it’s a different process for each one of us.


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Be Perseverant 

We use this word quite a lot in Brazil. I like to think that Brazilians are perseverant. We do not give up things easily.

Especially when it comes to career plans and goals. It’s fundamental to believe in your project/business plan and try to make it works in a way that will be beneficial to your future business. 

But be careful, we need to use persistence in ideas that are worthy. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to sell the best laser engraver for stainless steel or an innovative skincare product. Believe in your idea and fight for it. 

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We get a lot of things right from our mistakes.   

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Planning your own business is no easy task. You may be aware that sometimes things don’t go to plan.

Most of the time, it’s about something that can be fixed. All you need to do is develop some problem-saving skills. Think in advance. Be prepared for overcoming mistakes in an intelligent way. 

There are many training sessions and online tutorials to help you nail this task. Read books, be informed, and check video inspections to improve your skills before making some important decisions. 

It’s always better to deal with as many problems at the beginning of your project and develop some personal management to deal with shenanigans in the future. Don’t let things escalate. Your time to learn is now. 


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Mind Your Sales

I have no sales skills. It’s a fact. But as soon as I start my new business, I will look for professional help to deal with the shenanigans of sales management. It deserves a careful touch.

Checking how other companies such as manage their quotes and sales can be helpful as well. Choose your niche and do some research.

After all, managing sales correctly is one of the many fundamental tasks to achieving a successful business. You have to get it right. It’s as important as the marketing team. 

But don’t worry if you are just like me and have no clue about it. Letting it into capable and trustful hands will bring you peace of mind and also put you on the right path to running a brand-new business. 

Any entrepreneur should care about it to avoid headaches in the future. Be informed and work with the right personnel. 

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