How to Keep Your Job While Travelling?

How to Keep Your Job While Travelling_

That is probably one of the most popular questions among freelancers. You may hear about all those travellers that still make some income while visiting different destinations and think that it is a quite easy task. 

I work as a freelance journalist and online tutor since 2017, and all I need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to pretty much work from everywhere in the world. 

I have managed working when visiting my parents in Brazil, for example. And I can also opt on preparing and scheduling my workload for the days I am out, and in this case, I have some break while I am abroad. 

However, I understand that being a digital nomad work is not for everyone. It demands some extra planning, dedication, and the right kind of job to manage it right. 

Plus, there are still many bosses out there not agreeing that remote working can be a feasible idea. So, how can we keep our jobs while travelling? Here are some of my valuable tips on this matter. 


Stay Connected

It means using online tools as much as possible to keep in touch during your virtual shift. You probably had to get used to using platforms as Zoom this year to have your meeting appointments and video conferences with bosses and work colleagues. 

Skype, Facebook or even google handouts are still reliable tools to be considered. Most of them are free. All you need to do is downloading the one that suits you better. Staying connecting with your team gives you the motivation that sometimes we lose when work by ourselves. It’s also a great way of keeping a trustworthy environment. 

Don’t forget to prepare documentation and invoices that needed to be handled. It’s always good to have a file saved on a cloud with all paperwork that you may need. Click here to get some tips on rightly conducting business if you need some kind of licence to work. 

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Be Organised and Ready for Unforeseen Situations

Some people associate working remotely when travelling with a task that can be done when you have time for doing it. This is a huge misunderstanding and also a dangerous risk to take if you want to have your job and income guaranteed when travelling many times during a month. 

You should organise your time properly for unforeseen situations. Otherwise, you will never get anything done properly. Click here for more tips on remote work. 

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Find a Quiet Place to Work 

How many times you have pinned that perfect photo of people working in cafes in Paris and other hipsters cities in Europe? It’s beautiful to see, but it’s a quite different environment in real life. 

Those places are usually packed, and the noisy environment can be quite a huge problem, especially on days when you need a quiet background to have video conferences and online meetings. 

It’s always better to be safe. So, find a quiet workplace to be focused on your work. 

Nowadays, even customer service work can be done while travelling. Imagine this particular scenario – working for a company specialised in electronic instrumentation such as Force Transducer when you need to provide a quick and right source in quantitative measuring needs. You can’t get it wrong, right? 

Being focused on your work is the key to providing an outstanding service. 

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