Top Travel Predictions for 2021

Top Travel Predictions for 2021

In an ideal world before COVID 19 happens, this time of the year we would be preparing ourselves to get away, joining a holiday somewhere with nice weather and picturesque views.

The truth is we all ended up putting our travel plans on hold this year. But with the easing of travel restrictions, our hopes are quite high, and we can start now to start planning our travel journeys come true in 2021.

Thinking about this, I have started to look for travel trend tips for 2021, when it will, hopefully, be safe to join new adventures.


I don’t think it’s necessary to explain that although people will travel more, they will be keener on spending more time locally to explore the surroundings. We are quite lucky in the UK for living in a country that is fairly easy to be explored by car and on a train.

I do love travelling in my country in 2021, I will probably visit remote areas of Ireland and Scotland that have stunning landmarks and landscapes.

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I have lost count on how many times I have talked about sustainable travelling as the main necessary changing in the way we will move around from now to go. It’s a fact – tourism is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions.

Every time you get a new flight, these numbers increase. If we change our view on ways of travelling, this scenery can be changed when choosing sustainable travel destinations.

Short Staying

Shot gateways will be trendy. People will prefer a short stay somewhere with as many activities as possible to be done in a short period.

The changes in the accommodation industry that is accepting 2-night stays and last-minute bookings, improve the chances of having a micro-trip.

Photo by Vicky Hincks on Unsplash

Bleisure Travel

We do need to connect travellers with the destinations on a more personal level. The best way of achieving it is making them a bit more conscious about the history, culture and importance of preserving the places visited. Not overcrowding popular destinations is the first step.

According to a survey of the University of East London, 73% of business-related traveller feels that their wellbeing and health improves every time they find time for leisure during their travel business appointments.

For this reason, bleisure tourism is becoming a more popular alternative among travellers. There is a huge demand for a kind of holiday that can combine business and leisure.


May experts are pointing cashless travel as the future of travelling for many reasons. The last time I have paid something with money it was when I did a grocery shop for my 82-year old auntie. Our world has changed and mine has been contactless for years.

Besides, the use of notes has decreased considerably this year due to the fact we needed to reduce any risk of any contamination or possibilities of spreading the virus. Cashless life is a consequence of a new world post-COVID

The fact is technology is in our favour when we travel too, and the cashless economy is booming on the travel industry.

You can book a whole trip without withdrawing cash nowadays. All you need to do is having your debit cards and smartphone to make the most of it.

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