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Hair Growth Routine _ Scandinavian Biolabs

Hair loss is one of the most inconvenient situations for women and men. It’s not an easy problem to deal with, and sometimes we just don’t understand the causes of it.

There are several causes of hair falls out that go from genetics to stress and the side effects of some medications. The good news is there are also natural ways to prevent excessive hair loss and baldness in its early stages.


Despite starting to dye my hair when I was quite young, it usually grows quickly, and I never had any major capillary problems.

However, I do confess that now in my 40s, I’m trying to treat my hair with more natural products to keep it healthier and more protected in the future.

Last month, I was invited by Scandinavian Biolabs to review its Hair Growth Routine For Women. The set consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and serum was developed to prevent hair loss, and increase hair volume, helping it to grow naturally and healthier.


How does it work?

The idea is to use the three products that complement each other to improve the growth cycle of the hair. The trio is made of natural and 10% vegan ingredients. The benefits of using vegan haircare are numerous.

Scandinavian Biolabs uses planted-based ingredients such as Curcuma, caffeine, eucalyptus, and quinoa, among others. Its unique Bio-Pilixin Formula® is the secret hair loss solution that has made many customers happy with the results.

I have received the 3-step haircare treatment Routine:

shampo cover

Step 1 – The Hair Strength Shampoo:  100% natural, vegan blend with effective ingredients for hair growth. Whether you want longer or volume hair – it’s a perfect match for all types of hair and colours safe too.

conditioner 3

Step 2- Hair Recovery Conditioner: This product has 36 ingredients and hair conditioner components to restore the damaged hair.

serum _cover

Step 3 – Hair Growth Serum: This serum contains many active ingredients. One of them is a heating agent called HotFlux® which increases the blood flow to the scalp, creating a slightly burning sensation.  The serum works as a vitamin for your hair to boost its growth.

What do I think of it?

To start with, I love the design and packing of these products. It’s self-explanatory and minimalist. It would be amazing if the brand would reuse those packaging offerings refills.

I have been using this 3-step haircare treatment for nearly one month now and I kept the routine of using the serum and applying it to my scalp before going to bed.

shampo 3

It has improved the thickness of my hair -which was something that I wanted to test in these products. The texture is a thinker and it also looks healthier.

I quite liked the shampoo and conditioners. For being sulfates-free, it’s the kind of shampoo that we can use daily.


The subtle fragrance of both products is also a good surprise. Products with natural ingredients can have a quite strong fragrance sometimes. It’s not the case with this trio of haircare products.


Overall, I quite like the products and I will keep this haircare treatment for a longer period to check the hair growth progress.

I received this product complimentary from Scandinavian Biolabs for testing purposes. 

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