Things to See and Do on a Glasgow Weekend Away

Things to See and Do on a Glasgow Weekend Away

When people go for a city break north of the Scottish border, they tend to gravitate towards Edinburgh with its famous castle and festival scene.

However, just a few miles west lies a city whose charms are hidden beneath the surface, but which once discovered is sure to win you over.

That city is, of course, Glasgow, a once-industrial centre which has recently had to find ways to reinvent itself as a cultural hub.

Here are some of the best things to see and do on a weekend away to Glasgow.

Glasgow is a city that takes its football very seriously

Catch a Rangers or a Celtic Game…

… but just remember to wear the right colours, because if you turn up to a Rangers game decked out in green and white stripes you will be in for a tough afternoon.

In all seriousness, though, catching an SPL game, be it in a stadium or in a local pub, is a real experience.

Even if you are not that into football the atmosphere created around the grounds is something to behold and, with a whole range of free bets widely available, you never have to feel left out of the action.

Glasgow’s art scene is as vibrant as any other found in the UK

Get in Touch with Your Arty Side

Glasgow has long been the place that many of the UK’s top artists go to learn or hone their trade, with most heading to the prestigious Glasgow School of Art.

This revered institution has recently started opening its doors to the wider public with hour-long tours enabling you to get a glance at the next Picasso or Hockney hunkered over an easel.

Accompanying the art school are some fantastic art museums and galleries to visit, including the grand old Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, as well as the Hunterian Museum.

Street art is also a huge influence on this city, with art students pouring out into the night when their classes are done to use public spaces and walls as their canvases. Get your walking boots on and go see if you can spot the next Banksy.

Eat Yourself Senseless in the Capital of Irn-Bru and Deep-Fried Mars Bars

Due to its population’s willingness to eat and drink to excess, Glasgow has often been thought of as something of a sinkhole when it comes to culinary delights, but all that is changing thanks to a string of innovative restaurants springing up all over the city.

For traditional Scottish fare, you cannot go far wrong with The Ubiquitous Chip; however, there is also plenty of international flavour on the Glasgow menu these days, with places like The Hanoi Bike Shop and Julie’s Kopitiam leading the way.

After a good feed, you will want to wash it all down with some tasty beers or cocktails, and in that regard Glasgow certainly has you covered.

The wonderfully named Nice’n’Sleazy is not as creepy as its name suggests and Stereo is the perfect place to have a bevvy or two before watching a live gig.

Watch a Movie, in Style

Glasgow was once the cinematic heartbeat of Scotland, boasting a huge amount of cinemas all across the city.

These days many have been forced to close as people prefer the likes of Netflix and Apple TV, but there are still some super special venues which open their doors most nights of the week.

What used to be known as the Cosmo, but is now called the Glasgow Film Theatre, is the city’s centrepiece for showcasing arthouse movies and blockbusters alike, housed as it is in a stunning Dutch modernist building.

Photo by Richard Burlton on Unsplash

Pollok Country Park

If you find yourself blessed with a rare day of good Glaswegian weather, you might be tempted to get out of the city and into a bit of countryside. Pollock Country Park is only a ten-minute bus ride from the city centre, but is a leafy hideaway that is not to be missed.

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