Best British University Cities to Explore as a Tourist

University cities across the UK offer something for all their visitors, not just students. Whether you want to discover history up close, admire stunning architecture, or be charmed by some countryside, there’ll be just the right spot for you.


When you think of British universities, Cambridge is likely one of the first places that come to mind. You can explore the city streets and learn about its history as you go. Or perhaps you can try punting – it’s such a tranquil way to spend an afternoon along the river.

If you fancy another peaceful spot, you can get the train from Cambridge to Cambridge North to visit Milton Country Park. It is beautiful throughout the seasons and keeps an eye out for the local wildlife living there.


If you want a relaxing city break, then Bath is the place for you. It has been a wellbeing destination since Roman times and those ancient baths are still being used today.

You can unwind in the UK’s one and only natural thermal hot spring. Bath is easily one of the most beautiful spots in the UK so while you’re there, make sure to soak in the sights too.


There is plenty of beauty to go around the country, it’s not all tucked away down south. Why not visit Durham? It has one of the country’s oldest universities and when you explore the city it feels like you’ve taken a step back in time.

The cobbled streets, the iconic castle, and the cathedral – it captures Britain’s historic architecture at its finest. It feels special being there.


 One of the most famous Northern cities is Manchester. There is more to this place than its football teams and universities. The music scene is like no other and this is reflected in the city’s nightlife.

There is a pulse in its pubs and clubs. You may discover your new favourite band. If you’re not sure where to start exploring Manchester, you can take a free walking tour to get a taste for the city. There is so much to see.


Venturing even further up north, let’s explore the Scottish capital – Edinburgh. Here, past and present come together to create a city like no other in the world.

You can get a taste of true Scottish hospitality and get lost in the pubs hidden in the nooks or crannies. Or enjoy the city from afar and take a stroll up Arthur’s Seat. No matter what time of year you visit, there is always something happening here.

No matter which city you end up picking, there will be so much you can discover in one weekend. You may even want to book a second trip. Which university city would you like to visit?

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