Tips to Save Money While Travelling

If you are taking some time to travel then money will be an area that needs careful management.

Unless you plan on earning while you travel, you will be eating into your savings each day which means that you need to be intelligent with your spending and find the best ways to save money while still having the best possible experience. Here are a few ideas which will help your savings go a lot further.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the biggest costs that you will need to consider.

The best way to save money here is to stay in affordable yet still high-quality accommodation that offers self-catering which will allow you to make big savings on both food and accommodation.

Hostels are perfect for this and you should be able to find affordable yet high-quality ones by researching online.

Camper Vans

A good alternative to hostels is to go on a camper van adventure so that you will not have any accommodation costs at all while still being able to self-cater but while still benefiting from privacy.

Hostels can be fun and a good way to meet people, but if you like privacy then this could be the best way to go.

Consider Time of Year

You also need to think about the time of year that you are travelling as everything will be much more expensive during summer, including flights, accommodation and tourist attractions.

Travelling during the colder months is much more affordable and quieter which will give you a different and more authentic experience.

Speak to Locals for Recommendations

Following this, it is always a good idea to strike up a conversation with locals and ask recommendations for places to go as opposed to what you read in the guide books.

The places that locals go will be much cheaper and give you a much more authentic experience. Making the effort by learning the language basics is a smart way to get on the good side of the locals while making your experience much easier.

Cut Your Own Hair

Taking hairdressing scissors with you while travelling comes in really useful and saves cash as you will not have to go to expensive salons but still able to stay looking your best while travelling.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make savings while you travel and still have the best possible experience. Travel can be extremely expensive and if you are using your savings then being intelligent will be crucial to a successful trip.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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  1. I agree, budgeting and then staying on that budget is sometimes quite difficult while traveling. Going local is also one of my favourite ways to save a bit of money!

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