Top 10 places to shop in Vancouver

Shopping in Vancouver is some kind of a unique experience that combines small boutiques with world-renowned luxury shopping outlets.

Everything that a traveller needs from chocolates to perfumes, antiques to modern furniture or modern fashions, and from traditional to international cuisine can be acquired by shopping in Vancouver.

So, if your next trip is to Canada, do not forget to log on to Vancouver to grab some cool memories back home by exploring these shopping destinations  (for travellers from Delhi you can book your flight online through Cathay Pacific).

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South Granville

South Granville is one of Vancouver’s best places to do shopping. If you are searching for some contrasting items such as old fashioned to modern fashions and antiques to modern furniture, your shopping destination must be South Granville.

You can also look for high-quality cookware, home accessories, and contemporary art. There are local small boutiques as well as international stores like Williams-Sonoma in South Granville. This is a vast neighbourhood.

Travellers find South Granville an awesome place to spend two or three hours buying things they need.


Another premier Vancouver shopping destination is Gastown. This is home to a high level of independent fashion, including Roden Gray elegant menswear and Dutil Denim perfect jeans as well as the best interior design shops in town.

And also Gastown has plenty of First Nation Art galleries, antique shops, and streetwear.

On the corner of the street, there is a famous landmark, The Gastown Steam Clock. It used to protect the people from the cold who were shopping during winter days, since ancient times.

Aberdeen Centre

A beautiful shopping centre that sells mostly Asian stuff! There is a fountain on the first floor, it is worth stopping to watch the water and light shows!

There are lots of food courts on the third floor that sell all kinds of food Asian, Japanese and Chinese.

The good smells coming through its food courts can draw visitors. I suggest you try Bubble Waffle Cafe! Some seating areas have good views. Next to the food court, there is a play area for kids to have fun.

The Saint Germaine Bakery on the ground floor has really tasty baked goods! Although there are few tight spots, keep strolling around to buy things for reasonable prices.

West 4th Avenue

The West 4th Avenue is a popular shopping destination in Vancouver for maternity and baby accessories, athletic apparel and accessories, and Kitschy Shops like Candy Aisle.

There are some annual festivals celebrated here like Music + Art Festival, Fashion’s First Night in spring, and Miracle on West 4th. Many locals love to come in and out of home decor stores and walk down through West 4th Avenue.

Take your whole Sunday and do it!

Granville Island

Granville Island, one of Vancouver’s most famous landmarks, is full of great shopping sites. It is not just for tourists but also for locals and kids.

Shoppers can find a large variety of toys and local shops full of home decor, jewellery, and First Nation Arts. It is the home of the Granville Islands’ public market.

Therefore, you can find day vendors more than permanent vendors at Granville Island. Shops selling farm products such as eggs, cheese, meat, and fish are usually found packed.


A Vancouver shopping in Chinatown which is home to a variety of stores is more surprising than you might expect.

It is a perfect place in Canada to shop for Chinese imports, furniture and clothing, unique gifts, home decor, and jewellery. Fresh fruit markets, food markets, Chinese drugstores, and Chinese language books, music, and DVD are abundant here.

Robson Street

There is no shopping destination in Vancouver to challenge Robson Street for the world-famous fashions.

Robson Street brings you a wide range of shops from medium-sized local shops to international branded shops like the Banana Republic and Zara to Plenty and Les Chateau.

You can often find a lot of Asian restaurants and shops where you can buy postcards and souvenirs. You can take a half or full day to explore Robson Street, and then join the lineup of many of the most popular restaurants in this bustling area.

Be prepared for any kind of weather, bring a hat or umbrella!

Devil May Wear

A girl in Canada looking for a shopping destination? Hurry to the Devil May Wear. It is an ideal shopping destination for women.

You can find everything a girl needs from undergarments, jeans, and dresses to jewellery and other fashionable accessories at Devil May Wear.

This is a handmade clothing company that produces eco-friendly fashions. Those apparel are made sew by using natural sustainable fibres.

Riley Park Market

This is not a huge market but their products are amazing! There is nothing special than its organic products like eggs, meat, fish, and cheese since it is a farmer’s market. They are reasonably priced!

There are a few more stops, several bakeries with lots of delicious options! A few more to explore, with a series of food trucks, coffee shops, tables, and benches plus it has a beautiful parking lot!

Punjabi Market

The ancient Punjabi market was home to several Indian restaurants, groceries, jewellery shops, clothing stores, and sweets shops.

By the present, it has been developed to a world-famous shopping destination in Vancouver and by 2020 it proudly celebrates the 50th anniversary.

Everything a traveller needs from things to eat, see and buy is available at Punjabi Market. As it boasts numerous Indian ethnic items of clothing, Canadians call it “Little India”.


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