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It is nearly one year since we have been on holiday abroad. Yep. The lockdown in the UK forced us to stay inland for most of 2020. But we still have some memories of our trip to Slovakia. And of course, I have lots of things to tell you about it

So why not start to talk about the accommodation we have chosen in Bratislava? As soon as we decided to reach three capitals – Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest -in just one trip, we knew that Slovakia would be our main hub. Why?

Besides being a gorgeous city, Bratislava has two strategically located train stations and an international airport, and it’s quite an affordable city.

So, yes. I do recommend staying in Bratislava for a couple of days when willing to explore the European capitals around.

Our accommodation for this trip was a modern designer loft in the downtown area hosted on Airbnb. It was located only ten minutes away from the Námestie Franza Liszta train and bus station.

Besides the movement of locals and tourists, this residential area was quite calm and quiet. Outside, the building may not look as modern as inside.


I loved the fact the apartment is on the first floor, still on the ground. But we have a community area at the back of the building.

It is made for people to hang their clothes when it’s warm. It adds to the character of the building that seems to be a proper example of historic old town buildings in this city.

By the way, many of those impressive buildings were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The owner just handed the keys to us at the doorstep, but you could find them easily.

As a studio apartment, it is a typical self-contained space with everything placed in a big single room, apart from the bathroom, of course. This kind of property needs to be well-planned to be functional, stylish, and cosy, and I guess this Airbnb nailed it.

The open-planned kitchen and its living room are the first “rooms” to be spotted. It’s clean and well-decorated with modern and chic furniture. This is a self-catering accommodation with so much space that you don’t feel like being in a studio flat.

To the left, you will find the “study area” with a sofa bed and a gorgeous balcony with views of the recreation area. The balcony is an excellent addition to the warm days when you want to enjoy some Summer breeze in the evening and have a glass (or two) of wine.

The living room also has a balcony with French features. Delicate and elegant. The space between the bedroom and the other rooms is also something to highlight.

You can use the kitchen during the day and the other spaces won`t be smelling food. I guess the many windows and balconies in this charming apartment have helped to solve the issue.

By the way, the kitchen is well-equipped with a super coffee maker that saved my life after our battle to find coffee and milk at the supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong, Bratislava has everything you need in terms of food and drinks. But you need to know the lingo to get it right sometimes.

And if you may be wondering how the bathroom is in this place, I can tell you that it’s the best room in the whole flat.

A spacious bathroom with a powerful shower and the toilet, separated, but next to this. I just loved it.

The shower floor is slightly uneven to make sure it will be well dry when finishing showering. I just loved it. Probably the best designer bathroom I ever checked in an Airbnb.

This arty studio apartment in downtown Bratislava is a good match for a couple who would like to explore this beautiful capital during the day but also would like to have a cosy and modern flat to rest in the evening.


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