Winter Activities in Levi | Finland

Scandinavia is what comes to mind when I think about an ideal travel getaway for the winter season.

It would be simply great to spend some time in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and/or Finland with the huge possibility of enjoying a proper white Christmas. Definitely one for the Europe bucket list!

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of little spots to explore in Scandinavia. So, why not starting with one of the most popular winter destinations in Scandinavia?

Levi is located 150 km (93 miles) north of the Arctic Circle and it’s also known as the Finnish Lapland.

You may recognise this popular tourist site for its famous Ski Resort that in Covid-19 times had to adapt itself and receiving visitors when the colder seasons start later this year.

They even had to stock up snow early this year and find new ways to adapting their business in those difficult times.

What you may not know is that Levi is not only about skiing. There is plenty here to keep you amused in the Autumn and winter. So, here is my list of things to do and see in this beautiful part of Europe.

Tip: If you want your holiday in Levi to be just memorable, I would recommend you to stay in a comfy and cosy wooden cabin.

Cross-crossing Skiing

If you are looking forward to boosting your fitness after being so much time locked at home, Levi is a perfect spot to upgrade your skiing skills.

This Finnish winter resort has a network of 230km (142 miles) of best cross-country skiing tracks in the whole country.

When the temperatures reach freezing point, usually in October and November, the skiing season is open to enjoy traditional and skating-style skiing.


Finland is also known for being the country of more than a thousand lakes. These are stunning landscapes that are perfect spots during all seasons of the year.

It’s not different in the winter when people usually practice canoeing, rafting, or simply paddling in the lakes of Levi too.

Auroras Spotting

I believe there is nothing more exciting than spot aurora borealis when travelling to Scandinavia. When the autumn comes, it’s time to look u at the skies and experience the Northern lights in Finland too.

One of the most extraocular natural phenomena can be spotted when the skies are completely dark.

In Levi, it can be appreciated even in August sometimes, when the evenings start to get darker earlier. You can’t miss it.

Hiking and Trekking

For those that are not keen on skiing, but still want to enjoy the snow season, Levi has many trekking and hiking trails and paths to join in.

If you are brave enough, it’s possible to have a long stroll to the stunning National Park of Pallas–Yllästunturi.

Hiking on Levi fell is another popular activity among visitors. The Ice Age Trail is 9 km’s trail that goes around the Levi Fell unveiling gorgeous views and landscapes preserved for million years.

Spa and Saunas

When we are on holiday, it’s also quite important to spend a couple of hours renewing our energy. Nothing better than a sauna and spa treatment to relax and forget the daily routine for a while.

Guess what? Levi has over 2000 saunas. But you can enjoy sauna steams and floating raft ones in the comfort of your own rented wooden cabin as well.

Are you prepared to enjoy Levin this winter? Don’t forget to check the travel policies when travelling abroad.

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