Lighting Ideas that Can Make Your Home Stand Out

You may have noticed that I am a huge fan of simples and minimalist changes in the house that can make a huge impact on the style and design of all rooms.

I have may ideas on the paper to be put into practice when I move out. Some of them are all related to the lighting of every single room.

Choosing the right light is quite an important element in interior design. A home with natural light will always stand out. But it doesn’t mean that you can`t also look for more inspiration to brighten your home.

I just love the idea to play with LED lighting. They provide an efficient alternative to the traditional light bulbs. Besides, it can be practical, elegant, and quite aesthetics too. Just the way it should be.

So here are some of my favourite LED light ideas to change the mood of your home these colder days.

Kitchen -Undercabinet Lights

You probably have noticed that LED strip lights have become a trend in 2020. We cannot get enough of them in our kitchen cabinets, worktops, and other surfaces. They are quite cheap and easy to apply. However, it’s important to check its quality before choosing them.

So, if you are thinking about having a functional and efficient light for your kitchen, it’s better to invest in LED cabinet lighting that is easy to apply and it looks elegant in every type of kitchen space.

The advantages of having a LED light in your kitchen are numerous. From its diverse range of shapes to the practicality of its installation. 

Garden – Outdoor String Lights

The Autumn nights are still inviting enough to risk a dinner party in your garden. The strip lights create a warm ambient at any outdoor space. Solar garden lights and string lights, in general, are quite popular as well.

They are perfect matches to brighten up the garden and they can be used for decoration as well.

I can imagine this kind of light becoming a hit during Christmas when people still want to enjoy evenings outdoors. Most of them are waterproof, have a remote control, and timer functions that make it easier to control it in any kind of weather.

Bedroom – Illuminate Your Wardrobe Hanging Rails

For me, the bedroom must have the cosiest ambient in the house. It’s so easy to make it more stylish with the help of the right lighting. I can think about how it would be great to illuminate my wardrobe hanging rails.

Led lights on wardrobe hanging hail is just a discrete touch for your bedroom furniture. Without no doubt, a fantastic choice of internal accessory that will make all difference to your room.

Bathroom – LED Bathroom Mirror

For me, it’s fundamental to have a powerful light in the bathroom for many reasons. First, we don’t have a window on it, and natural light doesn’t reach it easily during the day, anyway. Second, if you need to get ready early in the morning – especially in the darker days – it’s necessary to have lights on.

For these reasons, it’s always better to have a bright light to help you do your make up as well. Just go for a playful and elegant design that can add extra brightness to the room.

Living Room – Colour Temperature Changing for Ceilings

Sometimes we do not need to make big changes to give our space a touch of class. A simple and modern LED ceiling light can do the trick quite well. Besides, it is also easy to install, and LED technology helps to reduce household energy consumption.

It usually comes with a remote-control form dimming and changing the colour temperature of the light. Nothing better than having a kind of light that can be adjusted according to your mood, right?

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