Celebrate the Outdoors in Style with Protest

I am not the one to say no to a good stroll in the outdoors. Far from the hustles and bustles of big cities. I just love nature and I love to go for a long walking in the countryside.

However, this year, as you may notice, things were a bit different when it comes to travelling in general. We were craving for being out in the wilderness, but we have decided to postpone some of our holiday’s plans.

Just in mid-September, we reached North Cumbria for a couple of days, and we couldn’t have chosen a better destination this remote and picturesque part of the country.

For our lucky, that was also the month we were picked to try on some Protest streetwear collection. Brilliant!

What is Protest?

A Dutch design-led sportswear company founded in 1993. Protest has a range of designing fashionable and functional sportswear that is also quite affordable.

They delivery full street collections for all seasons. Are you looking for a perfect Women’s Ski Jacket? They got it.

As they like to point it out “By reminding the world that boarding is fun. And by helping people overcome whatever stands between them and their boards”.

I love the concept of making accessible clothes to as many boarders as possible. Protest clothing has a strong focus on details – from materials to finishes- using new construction techniques and fabric technology features including waterproof and breathable materials.

Meaning– simply perfect for those who adventure outdoors quite a lot, but also want to follow the latest trends in colours and style. I quite like the way they play with patterns using leopard prints or stripes.

Fashion is about not being afraid of trying something different, colourful and fun like those women’s ski trousers.

What is great about Protest?  

Let’s put like this if you have a skiing holiday coming soon? You should check their Women’s Ski and Snowboarding collection right now. We all know how pricey it can be sometimes to invest in a quality winter outfit.

The good news is Protest has a brand-new collection out now.  It’s also great to know that the brand use recycled materials such as recycled nylon, rubber and their clothes are also PFC free.

The idea of making a more sustainable streetwear collection give more credits to this brand that also invest in something called PVRE Green – a line of garments made with innovative and more sustainable fabrics. Brilliant!

 What did we think of it?

I have purchased quite a lot of clothes from Protest and something that both, my husband and I, agreed about was the quality of clothes. They are outstanding. From a simple hoodie to a thick fleece, all pieces are made of durable materials.

I feel in love with all ski jackets, but I don’t think the UK will serve us with enough snow to be able to go skiing somewhere in the country this year.

Every detail in the labels, washes, zippers and textures. It’s everything quite modern and stylish. We just loved all winter jackets and hoodies.

They were perfect pieces for enjoying the end of summer and starting of Autumn in Cumbria.

We have been out and about in woods and valleys and they were also comfy pieces to spend a colder evening in front of the wood burner. Loved it. Just wished there was more variety of sizes.

Something that a curvy girl like me would appreciate a bit more. Overall, Protest overcome my expectations. The delivery was super-fast, and the website is quite easy to navigate.

Do you want to Try Protest on?

It’s your big chance now! All my audience and followers can visit protest now and use the coupon code – midlandstraveller10 to get 10% OFF in your first purchase. This coupon is valid until February 28, 2021. Enjoy it.

*I received the products complimentary from Protest for testing purposes. 

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