10 Health Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

We should all agree to this point that 2020 has been quite an unusual year for most of us. We have spent more time at home.

We indeed have to deal with some ups and downs during those long months in lockdown. On the other hand, it was (is) a perfect time to reinvent some ways to enjoy our extra spare time with family or alone.

Whether it means learning a new language, reading more books, or a take up a new hobby – we can count on the Internet to help us out with this task.

However, it was also known that during this period of isolation, people have preferred to join some brain booster activities such as doing jigsaw puzzles, and I totally get it! Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and challenging sometimes. I like to think that they were made to keep your brain sharp and your mood up.

It’s a perfect combo between mental exercises and entertainment for the whole family. That’s why I have decided to list 10 benefits of jigsaw puzzles.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

I already drop this tip here. But the truth is that jigsaw puzzles are an art that keeps our minds busy and healthy in many ways.

To start with, the jigsaw pieces send several pieces of information to your brain that help it to reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. They are cognitively challenging and help to keep training our brains to get sharper and sharper.

Great For Your Mental Health

Did you know there is something called jigsaw therapy? The session is exactly how I would imagine it – You have an appointment with a puzzle maker that will listen to you while you both complete the puzzle together. Does it work?

It’s proven that relaxation is quite effective tool for psychological health. And I honestly just love this idea.

Inspire Your Education and Work Skills

The task of completing a jigsaw puzzle brings some educational inspiration. The ability to creatively solve some problems is one of the features that may help you to be a better thinker – when studying and when working.

Puzzles definitely will help you to improve those skills and become a better problem-solving person.

Lower Stress Levels

Just like meditation, a jigsaw puzzle can relax your mind and help you to take a break from daily life issues. There is something about the silence that doing a jigsaw puzzle that certainly brings us to a state of peace. It brings peace of mind just like a relaxation or meditation session. Namaste!

Fun For All Age

You may know that jigsaw puzzles are around for quite a while. Kids can have a lot of fun doing jigsaw puzzles and it will certainly help the child to be more confident in the future.

It’s a fantastic educational tool and helps the child to develop their motor skills.

Online games such as puzzles and memory games are proven effective against age-related ailments such as dementia in elders. It helps improve their cognitive abilities such as memory, judgment, and decision-making. That is why we turned the classic jigsaw puzzle into a fun activity for elders to pass time with.

For elderly people, puzzle-solving has remarkable results in people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The problem-solving activities like sudoku and jigsaw puzzles can reduce the amount of brain cell damage.

Luckily for us in the UK, The Works offers a great variety of brain-booster games and discount jigsaws, perfect for all age groups.

Mood Booster

Puzzles increase the production of dopamine in our brains. Improve our memory and concentration, and of course, it can be a great tool to keep us more optimistic as well. There is a sense of accomplishment when finishing a jigsaw puzzle that makes us more positive, energetic, and motivated.

Make You Productive

We just love to procrastinate. I don’t even deny it. But in isolation times, it’s quite important to keep your mind busy and productive. That’s the reason that learning a new language or setting fun tasks such as completing a jigsaw puzzle by yourself or with your loved ones can be a great way of beating procrastination.

Improve Your Concentration

I need to focus on my work 100% to be productive – especially when it comes to writing in a second language. It’s proven that increasing our concentration levels, will improve our productivity naturally.

Jigsaw puzzles make us happy and less stressed making it easier to be focused when we do need it.

Bring People Together

Yay! Even when you are not the only person in your home, you may be feeling a bit off and alone during the isolation. So why not find a way of bringing your loved ones together when puzzling?

That will be guaranteed fun and that sense of achievement when completing a task together. Plus, it’s a quite good reason to take a break from the digital world. You can even frame the puzzle itself and make the moment eternal.

Increase Your attention to Details

Here we go! That is something that I quite like about problem-solving tasks. Doing puzzles with tiny pieces can be quite challenging and it demands high attention to detail. Remember that the ability to pick up on small details can be a great advance in our lives and something to highlight in your CV as well.

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