10 Health Benefits of hiking

If you already visited this blog before, you probably noticed that I am a big fan of the outdoors. Yep. I quite like exploring the wilderness, and that is one of the reasons why I love living in the Midlands.

We are surrounded by parks, commissioned forest, and getaways to the countryside, both in the north and south of the country. Sweet! Whether you fancy a quick stroll in the nearby woodland or the challenge of a high peak.

We are a nation that quite like going for a walk and hiking. According to the government’s survey, 71% of the adults in England reports walking at least once a week.

You probably heard of numerous benefits of go for a walk in the fresh air to your body, mind, and soul, don`t you? The truth is that hiking (and walking) is a great way of keeping your fitness and wellness updated.

I am quite glad to be invited by Guys & St Thomas to investigate why hiking and fresh air are great for maintaining your health and wellbeing.

So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast just like me, here are more great news for you. Check my list of health benefits of hiking now.

Cuts the Negativity

I do not think I need to break it down. But it is known that joining a physical footpath can be a great way of blocking obsessive and negative thoughts.

That is the reason that a proper stroll in woods and remote parks are still better picking than go for a walk around the block. Of course, sometimes most of us can’t find a secluded footpath. So, do not miss this chance if you are that lucky.

Makes You Happy

 Joining footpaths always was a mood changer for me. I lost count on how many times we were feeling a bit blah and just took the straight to the countryside just to have one hour or two in contact with nature.

Hiking is a great way of natural stress relief. It changes our mood automatically. So, next time you are on holiday, just look for a good hiking route around and add it to a list of places to visit and things to do. Here are 13 breath-taking hiking trails in the UK to get you in the mood.

Boosts Your Creativity

Have you heard this quote by Henry David Thoreau? – “Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts began to flow.” It is all about how walking is effective for boosting our creativity. Whether you are planning to write a book, or you have an important meeting.

The simple act of walk is great just to start brainstorming. But the Greek philosophers always pointed it out a long time ago, anyway.

Now imagine how effective and exciting is for your creative side of the brain to join an uneven footpath somewhere else? It works almost like a puzzle. If it makes your brains work harder, it will certainly help you to be more inspired too.

Great Cardio Exercise

Being stuck at home during the isolation did not help me to get fitter. I have been exercising for a while, but it was only when I went to Cumbria for some days in September that I realised how unfit I was when trying to go up and down some hills.  We can always get some tips on how to prepare ourselves before hit the trail.

Even though, it was great to be outside, hiking for some hours in the remote woods and valleys – doing more than 10 thousand steps a day to at least get a bit fitter. Walking and/or hiking are excellent fitness exercises to lose weight. Plus, it is also free of charge.

Improves Bone Density

It has been proven that going for a nice walk and choosing a moderate hiking trail can be good for your bone density asl well. It happens because when we choose walking on uneven paths, you tend to get a stronger body and it builds your bone capacity to work harder and harder.

Being not only good for shaping your body, strengthen your muscles, but also expand your bone thickness. Now you know it.

 Makes You Sleep Better

That is something new to me. It looks like hiking makes your cerebrum happy. The feeling of contentment and the positivity about it, makes your body relax more during the evenings. So, do not feel guilty if you feel like taking a nap after a long walk. It is your brain sending a clear message – after some moment of pure joy, your body needs to rest now.

Enhances Relationships with family & Friends

I do not know in the other countries how it works, but the UK makes things easier when it comes to organising some walking and hiking activities in the group. There is no excuse here to not going for a walk in the countryside. You always are going to find someone interested in joining you for a stroll nearby.

Planning to go hiking with friends and family can be a quite good way to bond your relationships. It is just fine to use nature as escapism from everyday shenanigans. Plus, there is always a walk or hiking buddy to join you in the adventure.

Helps to Switch Off

I love the fact that hiking can help you to forget the digital world for a couple of hours. We are usually online on 24/07. Sometimes we do need a remote spot to enjoy nature with our eyes, unplug your phones and forget that Wi-Fi exists for a while.

Even taking some photos with your phone, it’s always better to switch off for the digital life and enjoy nature with the naked eyes.

Increases Your Energy Levels

e know for a fact that hiking and exercising increase your energy gradually. Hiking will trigger your cells to increase energy levels. Long vigorous walking on trails is a natural energy booster.

 Appreciate the Nature

I don’t need to say much about this one. By hiking, you are rewarded with wildlife, the outdoors and stunning views, and gorgeous scenery. What else should we ask for when escaping from our daily routines at home and work? Go hiking!

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