My 7 Autumn Favourites Accessories When Working from Home

Yay! My favourite season is finally here. If you visited this blog before, you know I am completely obsessed with Autumn – especially here in the UK– when you can see the changes in nature and the weather gradually. I must confess it’s not that chili yet, and the temperatures are still in double figures.

But the trees started to change the colours and I can start feeling that autumnal nostalgia. But maybe it is just me.

The fact is that I love to make some changes in my home when the cold temperatures come. It is almost like I need to have a home project in mind to cosy up the house. And who knows, find some bargains online. I always check some things now and then, even if it is only sitting on my Wishlist.

Here are some of my home favourite picks for this Autumn.

Wine Rack

I do confess that I always struggled to find space in my kitchen to keep my bottle of wine safe. They used to be on the back of our cupboard and I just felt like my bottle of Ports and a gorgeous Hungarian wine deserved better.

So, I bought this gorgeous Rose Gold Wine Rack with space for six bottles. After all, I do not want to drink so much during the four weeks of the new lockdown. Bollocks!

And despite having finished my #soberoctober successfully, I did not drink any glass of red, white, or/and rosé yet. This means – I need to fill my rack with some bubbling soon.

Tassimo Coffee Maker

I don’t think I need to say that as a Brazilian citizen, I am addicted to coffee. And to be honest, I love coffee made in the simplest way possible.

However, I wanted to be a bit more adventurous this Autumn, so why not get this Tassimo Bosch Happy Coffee Maker as a present to myself? I miss visiting coffee shops. The local ones. Not chain ones. But it is not an option to be gathering yet.

So, I have decided to have a variety of hot drinks at home. This is also great if you like tea. I got it as a used item, and it was half-price. Bargain indeed.

The only problem is that I became addicted to the caramel mocha instantly. But I am being a good girl and swap now for Kenko 100% Colombian. I bought this coffee maker in the summer. But it will be one of my best friends for Autumn and winter, of course.

Rechargeable Lighter

Yeah, the days are getting darker earlier now. So, you know what it means – it’s candle season! We do like to light up the living room with candles. But I do confess that it’s a bit stressful to buy several plastic lighters or rely on many boxes of matches. The planet doesn’t need more mess.

This USB candle lighter is the most practical option and eco-friendly option. Plus, it’s quite affordable too. reproduction

Natural Sunlight Lamp

Another essential purchase for darker nights. This is a challenging year for most of us. But I know for a fact that things can be worst when the winter comes. In the UK the lack of natural light in the rooms of your home can affect your mood.

I had symptoms of SAD during some winters, and I know that it can affect your mental health in huge doses. Plus, it’s portable and can be used on any type of desktop. So, why not invest in a Natural Sunlight Lamp. It’s the essential mood booster to face dark mornings and dark evenings.

Portable Laptop Stand

Who is working from home and had to adapt their houses to make it feel like “an office? Home office life can be a bit stressful sometimes. That is why you may invest in comfort and practical tools to make it flows as smoothly as possible.

This adjustable Stand Laptop has a sleek design and is made of solid metal. It’s quite simple and minimalist. The way I want it!

USB Cup Warmer

This Autumn (and winter) I am looking for practical gadgets that will make my home office more enjoyable. I spend a lot of time talking to my students when teaching, and I usually have a hot drink to keep my voice warm-up. Coffee is always my drink of the choice, of course. But I also like to drink tea.

The problem is that sometimes I have no time to put the kettle on in between lessons, and I know it’s a first-world problem – but I don’t want to have a cold brew. Not during worktime.

So, it looks like a cup warmer can be the best solution. Plus, it works with USB and I probably would be saving some energy when using it.

Recycled Notebooks

I was always obsessed with Muji. I think they do stationery and storage better than anyone else. As I am learning Japanese, I do need to take a lot of notes.

So, I have decided to go for those lovely recycled notebooks with a plain cover and with no top and bottom. You can use it in a horizontal or vertical way; something that helps in the practices of katakana and hiragana too.

Aroma Diffuser

Another classic! Everyone should have an aroma diffuser at home. It improves your sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, and it also improves respiratory health. When using your favourite essential oil, a diffuser can change the mood on colder days and light up your creativity on those days when you need to deal with a huge workload.

Plus, I quite like this model because of its simple and minimalist design. It is also a good fit for smaller desks.

Simone Ribeiro
Hi! I'm Simone, a citizen of Britain, where I live for over a decade, and of Brazil, where I was born. Midlands Traveller is where I combine my passion for travelling, business and an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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