5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

Outstanding customer service experience needs to be practical, informative, and attractive. Otherwise, the customer won’t be back for more. Simple as that.

A well-planned omnichannel strategy is proven to be one of the most effective ways of improving customer satisfaction. It helps to create better relationships between customers and businesses, and consequently, it will keep your competitors off the radar.

That is why investing in an effective omnichannel customer experience is  crucial to the success of businesses nowadays

After all, we live in a highly competitive world where businesses need not only to exceed your client’s expectations but also need to keep them loyal to you.

However, building a unique omnichannel experience can be a little tricky. It’s quite important to make sure that all multiple channels are fully integrated.

Thinking about that, we prepared some tips on how to improve omnichannel customer service to engage and connect with your customers.

Don’t make it Difficult

There was a boom in online shopping during the early months of this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was because many of us were stuck at home and needed to adapt our shopping habits.

The retailers also had to be adjusted to this new reality. According to data from last-mile technology vendor Convey made by digital commerce 360, companies like Amazon- that has moved its “Prime Day” to early this year – had its sales surpassed last year’s event by 45.2%.

Would Amazon’s Omnichannel customer service strategies help to increase these figures? From my own experience, it certainly helped.

I had two parcels from Amazon Prime that were “lost” during the pandemic. They were both delivered according to “my orders” updates. In both cases, I had my money back in the blink of an eye.

Instead of asking my Alexa, “Where was my stuff?” Or even scan the whole website looking for an answer, I just had to open the Amazon Shopping App to talk to a bot that solved my problems in a few minutes. Every customer should look for the company’s App before starting to shop for it.

Customers do not want to waste time. They want it to be convenient. If the retailer sells a prime service, it is expected to have a quick and easy result when fixing problems too. In this case, a fully functioning App can be the holy grail.

Integrate Systems

Talking about Amazon, its Prime service is certainly a good example of how omnichannel strategies should use an integrated system to keep the customer updated about their shopping behaviour and purchase.

Through my membership, I can contact different online tools, have free delivery services, and be able to use other streaming channels of TV, music, and books all integrated into one single account.

Let’s be honest, it makes it quite difficult for the competitors to overcome such successful and efficient marketing strategies.

Connect Online & Offline Stores

Some services such as Click & Collect are here for a while and I guess, everyone uses them now and then.

There is nothing more practical than picking up your parcel on your way to or from work without worrying about when it would be delivered.

Some retailers are going further and offering services such as reserving and trying in the store. This kind of experience gives freedom to the customer shop according to his needs. It’s essential to have a balance between offline and online customer service to be a step forward from your competitors.

Make it a Fun Experience

Attention to detail is fundamental to marketing strategies in general. Let’s imagine a quite popular tourist attraction has just invested in a highly interactive and mobile-responsive website. It will certainly keep the customer entertained even before reaching the destination.

These integrated channels not only provide information about the attraction, but also have download maps to the location, an app to find the best restaurants and bars in the area, and even let the customers upload photos and share their stories on their social media.

That is how you keep your customer satisfied before, during, and after their whole experience.

Use the Technology in Your Favour

It’s a fact that 80% of the customers use their mobile phones while shopping in a physical store. It means that they may be checking the shop’s website to check if there is an item in stock, for example. That is the reason using technology to provide accurate information about products and services is fundamental in the omnichannel strategy.

Not to mention that it was already predicted the average person will use at least 15 connected devices by the year 2030. Investing in Apps, and other technological devices now will certainly push businesses to a more proactive customer service approach and support.

Conclusion: To have a real engagement with your customer, it’s fundamental to invest in your omnichannel services as soon as possible. The omnichannel strategy can not only improve your sales and marketing, but it will also help your business to fulfill the customer’s expectations.

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