Ethical Christmas Gift Guide & Eco-friendly Giveaways

Let’s be honest, this will probably be our most different Christmas from the last 10 years. But it does not mean that we shouldn’t enjoy it.

After all, it is always a good moment to be grateful for what we have and renew our hopes and energy for a far better 2021. 2020 has been challenging to anyone. For me, one of the best parts of the season’s celebration is knowing that my family and friends had a good year and enough reason to celebrate the date.

According to a new survey commissioned by Secret Santa name generator 36% of people will be spending less on presents than in previous years, with 41% of people citing being furloughed as the main reason for cutting back. 34% of people said they will be buying presents earlier so that they can budget.

The good news is that cutting back doesn’t mean you can’t be festive, you just have to get creative. Holding a Secret Santa is often considered an office tradition but are becoming more popular with 17% of people saying they host them with their family.

A Secret Santa is a tradition where you are given a name secretly, and then have to buy that person a gift anonymously, once a budget has been set. It’s the ideal solution this Christmas if you are on a budget.

And if someone is looking for some ideas of what to give to the loved ones this Christmas, I have prepared another sustainable gift guide with some ideas that can make families and friends happy and also be beneficial to the planet.

For kids

Fair Trade Toys | Weaving Hope

People usually think that Christmas shopping for kids can be quite challenging. I prefer to think of the opposite. They are easy to please. It is just a matter of being creative.

That’s the reason I would like to recommend Weaving Hope fair trade toys made by highly-skilled artisans. They are gorgeous plastic-free toys that were designed to encourage imaginative and interactive fun in young children.

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Organic Toys | Best Years UK

Still, talking about organic toys, what about a knitted one? Best Years UK has been specialising in making toys for over 10 years and they were even claimed to be the first people to introduce knitted dinosaurs to the world! How cool is that? I just love their range of baby toys. Knitted and crochet which are great for helping sensory development. They have a range of knitted in Scandinavian ones and handmade from Peru.


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For Travellers

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles | Wentworth Puzzles

What would make a perfect gif for travel lovers this Christmas? Jigsaw puzzles, of course. We may not be wandering as much as we would like this year, but it doesn’t mean that we still can boost our brain and imagination remembering our world’s favourite locations. That is what makes a jigsaw puzzle a great pressie. And guess what?

Wentworth Puzzles are made using wood from forests that are sustainably managed and their boxes are also made from recycled materials. I am impressed with the quality and beauty of this jigsaw pieces and the plastic-free packaging process is just a bonus.

Filter Bottles | Water to Go

I’m quite keen on hiking. But this year, we didn’t have the chance to go further than we expected. Even though, we do need to have a water bottle with us to the short or long walking, anyway. 

So, what about investing in a water filter bottle? Water to Go has a range of BPA free bottles that can be a perfect present for the adventures and travellers. They also bring our attention to two of the biggest problems facing the world now; access to safe clean drinking water and the pollution caused by single-use plastics.

Discount Code 15%OFF – The good news are we have code with a 15% discount to be used now on Water to Go’s the website. All you need to do is using the code MT15 when purchasing your bottles online. Have fun and help us to protect the planet.

For Beauty Care Enthusiasts

Hair Oil Treatment | TYH London  

I have a great appreciation for cruelty-free cosmetics. I do not think the world needs to bring more harm to animals. Plus, the beauty industry is doing their job to offer 100% natural and vegan products for customers that are just craving for vegan products.

So why not starting from the roots? After all, every woman deserves to treat herself some beauty care this festive season. I want to introduce you to this amazing hair oil by TYH London.

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 Fragrance Samples | Subscents

I love perfumes. And if I could, I would treat myself with a different fragrance every season. The only problem is it is not every day that we can invest in bottles of perfumes and catch up with every single new fragrance in the market.

Plus, when giving it as a present, it’s better to make sure about our friend’s preferences when it comes to scents.

That is when a sample of perfume works perfectly! You can have the most expensive fragrances accessible by offering subscriptions and smaller sized bottles and in affordable prices now. It is a real game-changer for this Christmas.

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Personalised Gifts Lovers

 Peanut Butter | Jackpot Peanut Butter

If you are a peanut butter aficionado like me, it’s time to make it a perfect present for this Christmas. I always think that personalized presents are simply great adding for your gift hampers.

Each run of Jackpot pots features a quote taken from a movie. For this Christmas, it’s the line: “Nobody’s walking out of this fun old-fashioned family Christmas” from ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’.

The products are with just three ingredients – classic American runner peanuts from Georgia and Virginia, rapeseed oil and a pinch of salt – Jackpot doesn’t use any palm oil or additives.

Plus, jackpot works together with LOOP. Meaning- you get your products delivered in a reusable tote –this eliminates the need for single-use shipping materials like cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Once you have finished what you had delivered from LOOP, it’s picked up from your home, they replenish the products as needed and return the refilled shipping tote to you, closing the loop.

Mini Champagne bottles | Say it With Champers

I don’t know about you, but I quite like the idea of having a bottle of champagne for any special occasion.

The fact is that personalised miniature bottles of Prosecco will make a great way to treat your friends and family this Christmas.

It makes your celebration unique, fun-sized and of course, when they are personalised, they make the perfect affordable gift too. Not to mention they can also be vegan champagnes too. Here is your chance to make many champagne cocktails this Christmas.

Pet Lovers

Dog’s Pooch-Pampering | Sniffe & Likkit 

Every single year, I highlight the importance of treating our pets during Christmas. It’s not going to be different this Christmas. After all, they put a smile on our face in the most difficult days of this year, right?

So, what about treating your dog with a perfect pooch-pampering for pets? Sniffe & Likkit pet-centric range of products are based on an all-natural aromatherapy oil scent, the luxurious shampoos, fragrances, balms and wipes represent a gentler approach to dog grooming.

Each Sniffe & Likkit product is beautifully presented in striking yet practical silver aluminium packaging (recyclable and reusable) and easy to use tubes – not to be sniffed at when you’re trying to groom a dog!

Christmas dinner For A Rescued Pet | Miracle’s Mission

What does your pet like most? Food or Toys? I guess both! So, here is the chance to help a rescued dog or cat having a special Christmas too!

You can buy a Christmas Dinner or a toy for a dog or cat fostered by Miracle’s Mission, which comes with a certificate. And with so many hungry mouths to feed at Miracle’s Mission, your gift will make a massive difference to the quality of life of a dog or cat at this time of year.

Christmas Dinner for a dog or cat costs £5 and a toy for a dog or cat also costs £5. You can purchase your gift from

For Foodies

Instant 70’s Inspired Cocktail Pouches | Disco Cocktails

If you cannot go to the pub, let the drinks come to you. Disco cocktails made a perfect gift for friends that are going to be enjoying some drinking at home this Christmas.

With bars and clubs closed, Ladies & Gents ’has created a range of funky 70s-styled cocktails to recreate a little ‘Night Fever’ at home.

You can choose from the ‘Disco Cherry Sour’ (Vestal Vodka with Doctor Pepper); the ‘Disco Pina Colada’ (Dead Man’s Fingers rum with Sprite); the ‘Disco Pornstar Martini’ (Vestal with Fanta); the ‘Disco G&T’ (Whitley Neil gin with Schweppes tonic) and the ‘Disco Old Fashioned’ (American Eagle 4-year-old bourbon with Coca Cola).

 Bamboo Canister Set  | Curated Pieces

I’m a huge fan of bamboo products. They are usually more durable and aesthetically pleasant as well. And if you’re thinking about sustainable kitchenware, this gorgeous handmade bamboo canister set can be a perfect match!

These vegan-friendly white lacquer coconut bowl sets are handmade in Southern Vietnam using organic thick-shelled coconuts. Just a stunning natural snack bowl.

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Large Bamboo Cheese Board & Knife Set| Tru Bamboo

Let’s be honest, we’re all probably missing to threw dinner parties and girl’s night in at home at this stage. 2020 is flowing by, and we did not have the chance to gather with family and friends the way we usually do it. However, you can still celebrate the good times with some cheese, appetisers, and some good wine.

It’s just perfect pressie to this Christmas when most of us are going to spend it indoors enjoying a well-deserved cheese night with our family. .

To make it legit, why not getting this gorgeous Bamboo cheese board? We all know that bamboo products are stronger than marble wood.

This cheese board is made entirely of Moso bamboo and it comes with a set of four knives made of stainless steel for a long-lasting finish.  The toolset includes a paddle knife for hard cheese, a narrow-bladed knife for semi-soft cheese, curved Spatula for soft cheese and a fork for serving. It will certainly make my Christmas more special.

Bamboo Tumbler | Tru Bamboo

Everybody is working from home. Our officer may change the location, but our desktop still needs some essentials. I cannot start the day without a hot brew. That is the reason I would invest in this leakproof bamboo tumbler this Christmas.

It comes with a tea/fruit/ice infuser that can hold cold and hot temperatures for long hours. It’s perfect for storing tea, iced tea, juices and of course, coffee. Plus, you can now store things in the TEABAG / SECRET STORAGE AREA – Removable base unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment for your emergency cash/tea bags or other private items. It’s brilliant!

Besides, it’s aesthetically beautiful and a truly eco-friendly product. This removable NON-SLIP base is made from Polypropylene which is one of the top three easy to recycle plastics. The interior is made from 100% recyclable pure stainless steel. Simply Good for you and the planet!

What about you? What was your favourite Eco-friendly gift idea?

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