8 Interactive Toys to Keep Kids Entertained This Christmas


It was no surprise for me to receive a Wishlist with Christmas present ideas from my twin nieces early this month. While they are already waiting for Santa, I have not put my tree up yet.

As the festive season may be a bit different this year and the toy shops are going to be closed, I think it is a quite good idea to look for pressies for friends and families. So, why not starting with the gift ideas for kids?

From interactive toys to boost the kid’s creativity to classic cars and robots that will entertain the boys and girls for hours, here is a selection of top gift ideas to make your children happier and busy this Christmas.

This year, I’d like to suggest some interactive toys for boosting kids’ energy and creativity during and after the festive seasons.

Stunt Car

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When I was young, I used to be fascinated by stunt cars. They were fun and perfect o play outside in any kind of weather. This stunning stunt car has a remote control, and it comes in two different colours – bright green and bright red.

It is a perfect pressie for 6-12-year-old children. The 4-wheel drive can be driven in multi-terrains and it does 360 degrees spins, rotating and flipping to all directions. It is guaranteed fun!

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Racing Truck

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Another popular remote-control car that is great fun for 6-12 age kids. This racing truck comes with two batteries and a unique design remote control that control the car quickly and precisely.

Its anti-crash structure makes it a perfect toy to be used in any kind of terrains, floors and it can be played even on the carpet. I quite love its sleek design solid structure. It’s made for kids that love to join competitions and races.

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Here is my favourite! I would love to have an RC robot toy and I guess this one could be quite popular among adults this Christmas too.

It works with gesture senses, responding quickly after receiving some commands. You can input 50 motion commands programmed into your intelligent Robot that can avoid obstacles and move freely as well.

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Dinosaur Robot

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My students are fascinated by dinosaurs, and I guess every kid likes them. So, if you are looking for a present to put a big smile on a kid’s face, here is a dinosaur robot that will certainly do the trick.

Its bionic design is based on the prototype of a tyrannosaurus and it comes with LED eyes and remote control. Children (and some adults) will be fascinated by the battle mode features.

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Robot Dog

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Here is an adorable robot dog for kids that love pets or are thinking about having one in the future. This intelligent robot dog is certainly different from any other puppy that your kid will have around. But its behaviours like a dog and it produces sounds and movements that will make it a kid’s best friend too.

The robot dog can sing and dance. And it can also be programmed to do the movements itself.

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Squeeake The Ballon Dog

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I do confess that I fell in love with it when I saw a clip of how it works on Tv last week. We all had a toy made of balloons that did not last one day and you wished you could keep it forever. So, here we go.

We can do it now. This interactive balloon dog is amazing! And it comes with over 60 different interactive sounds and movements. Children would have so much fun with a dog that comes to life like a real pup. Simply great!

RockJam Key Keyboard Piano

Kids are naturally interested in music. They love taking up something new. This portable 54keayboard piano is a perfect match for the creative kids. What makes this toy more fun is certainly the exclusive access to the App “Simply Piano” – available to both IOS and Android.

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Star Wars – The Child

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Yes, I know it is not Baby Yoda. But we treat it like it was one, isn’t it? This animatronic toy from The Mandalorian is the dream for any Star Wars enthusiasts. Touching his head is the key to activate more than 25 sounds and motion combinations. It has the force, and your kids will feel like they have it too.

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