Biking in the City? | Some of the Best Bikes for Daily Use

There has never been a better time to start bicycling. Investing in an electric bicycle allows you to get the best way to enjoy your community, exercise, and help the environment. Looking for a new men’s bike or women’s bike can seem overwhelming, but this list provides the best options for you to get out and enjoy your community in a brand-new way.

Biking in the City

City bikes need to be able to go fast without causing discomfort. Electric bikes like Around the Block have sturdy, vibration-free frames and 21-speed flexibility to make sure that you can zip down city streets safely. Features of an ideal city bike include:
500 watts for extra power
21-speed options
sturdy steel frames

City bikes are ideal for commuters who want to ride to work instead of driving a car. Around the Block is not intended for those looking for intense exercise, but alternative models like the Ride in the Park model are built for more up-tempo riding.

More Casual Riding – What is a comfort bike?

For those who plan to ride their bikes less often, and in more casual settings, cruising bikes are a much more ideal option. Bike models like the Around the Block Casual and Every journey Fat Tire offer more comfortable riding. Lower speed settings create a simple riding experience that requires less pedalling on your part. This means that these are much more ideal for flat terrain.

The adult beach cruiser is designed for comfort. High-density grip and a spring-reinforced seat allow you to ride in comfort. Fat tire bike options offer the same seven-speed option but are designed for riding on all terrains, including off-road biking. Both of these options are better for those whose primary goal is to bike more for casual exercise than intense exercise or commuting.

Features of casual e-bikes include:
Cruiser frame designed for comfort
Foam seat and grips
Larger wheels

Intense Exercise 

For many people, the first thing they think of is intense biking races. For those who want to bike for their primary form of exercise, you may be wondering why you would want an electric bike.

Electric bikes use a motor to keep you from having to exert yourself as much. But an electric bike designed for intense exercise like the EVRYjourney 250w provides a good mix of freedom to pedal as much as you want and an electric motor to help you go even faster.

Ultimately, there is a type of electric bike for every kind of motorist. If you are a casual biker who wants to take slow rides down the neighbourhood, a commuter who wants to help the environment by switching from a car to an e-bike, or an intense off-road biker who wants to use a motor to help you bike even further, there is an e-bike to suit your needs.

Ultimately, looking over the different e-bikes available is about deciding how much power you need, how fast you want to go, how far you will be biking, and what terrain you will be on.

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