3 Sublime Travel Ideas for Your Post-Covid Wishlist

Did you know that there are approximately 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals each year?

Needless to say, 2020 has put a pause on most international travel. However, it’s never too soon to start planning your next trip! There are plenty of destinations worth checking out once travel becomes safe once again. But where are the best places to start? We’re here to fill you in! Keep reading below for three exciting ideas for when it’s safe to travel again!

Travel Again Within the States

The United States offers plenty of exploration to travellers, and it is the perfect place to visit when it’s safe to travel again. There are a variety of spots in particular that are perfect for wilderness explorers.

A cross-country trip within the U.S. is the perfect way to explore some of the country’s natural wonders. While it’s safe to say many of us will avoid crowd-packed areas for a while, you can still travel to many outdoor destinations without worry.

Our recommendations? Check out as many national parks as possible! Yosemite, Shenandoah, and Glacier National Park all offer trails for visitors to hike and enjoy.

No cross-country trip is complete without a visit to the Grand Canyon as well. If it’s always been on your bucket list, a trip post-pandemic is the solution!

You can make a road trip out of the whole ordeal to add to the charm. However, if you want to enjoy the luxury of a plane, consider using a Fixed Based Operator. An FBO can hook you up with private flights, thus eliminating the fear of travelling with strangers!

Make a Trip to Japan

Japan has been praised for its commitment to battling COVID-19. With a strong interest in preserving public health, this country is one of the best stress-free destinations to visit post-pandemic.

Japan has a rich history and culture, and you’re sure to fall in love with its energetic cities. Tokyo is a must-see, from the Meiji Jingu Shrine to its abundance of street food vendors and upscale shopping opportunities!

Plan a Mediterranean Getaway

Greece has been vigilant about tackling cases of COVID-19. This Mediterranean destination is filled with beauty, from the iconic Santorini islands to the classic architecture of Athens. It’s the perfect place to escape when travel becomes more accessible once again.

Greece is the perfect place to visit because you can enjoy a little bit of everything. For example, you can get your beach fix in the seaside city of Nafplio! This city is known for its touch of luxury, and there are plenty of castles and elaborate fortresses to explore.

History lovers will want to make a stop at both Athens and Delphi. The cities are brimming with ruins that tell the stories of ancient Greece. You’ll also find amazing food throughout the country, especially if you’re a seafood fan!

Create a Dream Itinerary

It can be frustrating to be stuck at home with no means to travel. Luckily, it gives you plenty of time to plan your dream itinerary for post-pandemic! The guide above will help you as you brainstorm ideas for your next trip when it’s safe to travel again!

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